Movie: TMNT

by Phil MacNevin

I’ve been a big fan of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles from the time I was a little boy. I remember watching them on TV, having the action figures, even a couple of Ninja Turtle blankets for my bed. As time went on, these heroes in a half shell took a stylistic turn that I was none too fond of. That, along with the responsibilities that come with aging, I had completely lost interest and these four turtles disappeared from my known world. Now, many years later, TMNT was revived with a CG animated movie that took me a little by surprise.


When I showed up for the premiere, I expected to be disappointed by the same stylistic turns that turned me off from the series many years ago. Instead, the film recreated what was brought to life in the original films. The creative crew had recreated an authentic sewer dwelling that highly resembled their lair from the previous films, as did the personalities portrayed of each of the four Turtles. If you watch closely, you’ll also notice other minor set pieces and catch phrases that pay tribute to the films that came previously.


The film’s plot takes place after the Shredder, nemesis of the Turtles, had been slain. Their new enemy is an ancient evil that is now terrorizing New York city, in which the four Turtles have to save the city (and ultimately, man-kind) from with the help of Splinter, April and Casey Jones. Although the movie has plenty of action, the film seems to primarily focus on the relationship between the four brothers, particularly Raphael and Leonardo.

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Leonardo has returned from training in South America to his home in NY, where his brothers have seemed to take changes in ‘careers’. Michaelangelo, using a mascot-style turtle head, portrays himself entertaining at children’s parties. Donatello is now working as technical support for computers. Raphael has become a crime-fighter, prowling the cityscapes as the Night Watcher, mopping up criminals. With the reunion of the four brothers, Leonardo is looked upon for leadership and guidance, with the exception of Raphael, who continues to work solo as the Night Watcher. When trouble brews between an immortal warlord, the Foot Clan, and monsters popping out all over the city, the brothers are forced to put their differences aside and work as a team to thwart the evil raging in NYC.


While TMNT is no blockbuster movie, its portrayal of the importance of family makes this a great film to take in with your family. It is also a great watch for those who have enjoyed the previous three films, it feels very much like it was written as a continuation from those films.

  • Movie: TMNT
  • by Phil MacNevin
  • Published on April 1st, 2007
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March 23rd, 2007

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