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    • Scissorkicks – Live Mix at the grill (blizzarts), Montreal

      by David Gluzman

      The last time I went to get groceries I casually poped in this album, then found myself getting to safeway in record time. This album is full of phat breaking beats, and just makes you want to drive like a maniac. Possibly a good thing, but I’m sure your parents would disagree. Loud music combined …

    • Beth Orton – Daybreaker

      by Terence Leung

      Goosebumps. That is what the album opens with: big, gigantic, and spiky Goosebumps. Headlines should read: Huzzah! Melody not yet dead! Long Live The Orton of Beth! And they will, well… at least here they will.
      The 51-minute Daybreaker launches with the haunting Paris Train, which fits the smoldering backdrop with a rickety train percussion track …

    • Powerpuff Girls – The Movie

      by Wartank

      Here is a story of how great things come in small packages – I’m speaking both of the teensy size of the movie’s namesake ass-kickers as well as the densely packed cinematic artifice. The Powerpuff girls are pint sized but immensely powerful, and the movie is barely 70 minutes long but is effectively a challenge …

    • Soda Pop will destroy the universe

      by Crom

      ..They’ll battle it out over the precious remaining ingredients in the world, and kill each other for last drops of caramel colour..

    • The 6 ½ reasons I woke up drunk in Perkins

      by Crom

      ..what chain of events were so skewed as to leave me stranded at a all night diner, a long way from home, extremely inebriated and with little to no recollection of the past 24 hours..

    • The Future of gaming

      by David Gluzman

      ..Killing 50 or so people in a random arena, or clicking to death an opponent in a RPG is just pathetic. *Yawn* I don’t have the time or energy to devote building up skills (character stats) in different games.

    • R4ndom R4nts

      by The Wandering Wasabe Wayfarer

      ..At some age, likely shortly after puberty, all rational thought and brotherly love flees the body, giving way to selfish concern and mob mentality. The older one gets, the more prominent the effect..

    • The Collapse of Capitalism?

      by MaxPower

      ..People who have lost their savings in the Enron collapse had put all of their cash into Enron and never invested in any other companies. Its called diversifying baby, spread the risk out, putting all you financial eggs in one basket is akin to committing economic suicide.

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