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    • Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast (PC)

      by Crom & D4V

      D4V: Being a huge StarWars fan for many a year, I greatly anticipated trying out my own personal light-saber. Thusly picking up a copy of the latest from Lucasarts was in order. From install to uninstall please read on to find out more about this 1st person shooter with a twist.
      Crom: Now, D4V and a …

    • Desmond Williams – Delights from the Garden

      by a parallel mechanic

      Hi-fi riddums from the Jamacian Garden…
      Before releasing this record, Desmond Williams had already made a name for himself in downtempo circles by playing bass, guitar, and keyboards on Thievery Corporation’s 2000 masterpiece ‘The Mirror Conspiracy.’ He is also credited as the main sound engineer for that entire album. In ‘Delights of the Garden,’ Desmond took …

    • Aim – Hinterland

      by a parallel mechanic

      No Restric-TION.
      ‘Hinterland’ is an eclectic (to the extreme) menagerie of heavy hip-hop beats on the English trip-hop tip. The album hits you like a watered down Massive Attack, but this isn’t meant to be a slight on Aim. The space created in the songs allows for jazzy instrumentation (guitars, piano, horns, and xylophone) to flourish …

    • Diamond in the shit

      by Crom

      ..The sad part is that somehow, even if I were to bomb all the theaters , a la Capone boot liquor styles, they would somehow make some money off this piece of shit.

    • Warning: Arm Flapping Leads to Heart Attacks

      by Maxpower & Beauty

      ..How can anyone be certain that when I take my car for a spin I am contributing to the end of the world?

    • Consumerism

      by David Gluzman

      ..Some punch the clock at a higher frequency so that they can make an extra buck in order to buy a new $50,000 car. Problem is they already drive a two year old $45,000 car!

    • The Stolen World of Cartoons

      by The Macleod

      ..Time to gather your quilt, shuffle to the kitchen, pour a bowl of cereal containing one part Shreddies, two parts sugar, and park your 70lb. ass in front of the TV for the next five hours for a morning of glorious cartoon heaven…

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