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    • Holiday Loungers in Style

      by David Gluzman

      It’s quiet. Time to put on some tunes than everyone can enjoy, and I don’t mean ‘Jingle bells’ or anything remotely jingly. I’m talking about some solid lounge.

    • Jarhead

      by Ian Harding

      No one man tries to be the hero and as Operation Desert Shield turns into Desert Storm, the film does a good job of portraying the events that took place in the sand-ridden planes of heat and sweat.

    • Christmas Cookie Extravaganza

      by Beauty

      This year in celebration of the season (and Martha Stewart being out of jail) we’re going to bake Chocolate Cloud cookies and Lemon Slice squares.

    • Can you buy an Xbox?

      by MaxPower

      There is a fine line between product scarcity to drive buzz and product scarcity that is bad enough that it doesn’t allow people to actually buy one. Microsoft is well into the latter.

    • Surf

      by Dijita

      I straddled my board in the open water and enjoyed that moment of solitude before eyeing the swell that was going to break into the perfect wave.

    • First R4NT

      by Crom

      Do you remember the first time you ever read r4nt? I do. I remember because it was the original issue, and it wasn’t even live on the internet yet..

    • Poison Devil Mac

      by Crom

      You can’t deny the esthetic of Apple products; you may want to in some delirious need to prove you aren’t in love with the idea, but you’d be lying to yourself

    • The Darkness

      by Atlantic Records

      Steering firmly clear of ridiculous, The Darkness’ histrionics make spaceships, tigers and bared chests logical accompaniments to songs that are immediately memorable and utterly timeless.

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