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Summer or winter, skiing is always on the mind!

by Jaymi Newington

This past year, our group decided that it was time to go on a real, multi-day back country, no showers, no hot tubs, type ski trip. In August I got a shiny new set of ski boots. In November we booked our trip for March and come December my husband and I started ‘practicing’.

Casual Inspiration

by Jaymi Newington

If you love to cook it will come out in the flavor of your food. My dad always told me if you cook with a bad mind, meaning you weren’t into it, your food will taste terrible. If your heart is in it, it will be delicious!!


by Jaymi Newington

An ingredient that was once thought to be more precious than gold; an ingredient once traded amongst monarchs; an ingredient not only mentioned in the bible but also used by many classical writers.

Dining in Paros, Greece: Sho-Sho

by Jaymi Newington

Wine, bread, appetizer entrée all arrived in such perfect succession that it was obvious that these owners are just as excited for you to taste their delectable creations as you are to taste them. Another nice treat was the large selection of exclusively local wines that this restaurant stocks with a description of where in the country they come from.

First Time Festival Goers..

by Jaymi Newington

This festival is so amazing I am not entirely sure that if a written description of our experience can do this event justice. It is merely something that needs to be seen and experienced for oneself in order to gain its full appreciation!! But.. here goes nothing!