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GTA IV: Rockstar’s series grows up a bit

by Carolyn Petit

This is not the immoral or amoral story some people loudly accuse it of being. On the contrary. Like all good crime fiction, it is a deeply moral story, a story of choices and consequences. The plot moves at a slower, more deliberate pace than those of the other GTA games..

Mission Impossible 3

by Carolyn Petit

…there’s plenty of generic but very engaging spy action in Mission: Impossible III. And Shanghai looks amazing.

The 40 Year old Virgin

by Carolyn Petit

Andy Stitzer, played brilliantly by Steve Carell, the movie gives us a guy who has understandable reasons for ending up where he is; a sweet, charming, funny, vaguely sad guy we can’t help but root for.

War of the Worlds

by Carolyn Petit

It’s clear that Spielberg was operating on a post-September-11th level here, and in this film he is brilliant at composing images that are suggestive of not only the destruction of that day..

Batman Begins

by Carolyn Petit

Do we really have any free will, or do we just act out the byproducts of the genetic code we’ve inherited as it’s filtered through a lens of childhood traumas and incoming stimuli?