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Big Dada Videos

by Big Dada

Three new videos from three very different artists in three very different locations should keep you going through this never ending winter situation.

Roots Manuva – Colossal Insight

by Big Dada

It’s the kind of record that gradually sinks its talons into your psyche, so slowly you don’t even notice it happening.

Special Feature: Big Dada

by Big Dada

Having taken it upon themselves to release heaps of records on the sly without you even noticing. It’s cos we’re from London innit?

More Hotness from Big Dada

by Big Dada

Time to check out the latest releases from the label recently described in Bang magazine as “releasing the most consistently fascinating British records of our generation”.

Big Dada Videos and Sounds

by Big Dada

Big Dada – “the most progressive British hip hop label ever” – (The Fader, NY). From UK acts of the calibre of Roots Manuva and Ty, through to US artists like Mike Ladd, Saul Williams, Big Jus and Abstract Rude, to Paris Underground legends TTC, the label has represented its own unique take on underground hip hop for six years