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    • Esser Cellars Chardonnay

      by Adrian Bryksa

      Coming out of the bottle, it exhibited a pale honey straw-ish color and the nose is delivered a bit of baked apple and honey along with some toasted oak, which almost makes it seem like apple pie.

    • 2008 Olympic Medals Per Capita

      by MaxPower

      As a Canadian, whenever I watch the Olympics I always compare our performance to that of the US. Of course, Canada will never compete on a medal for medal basis with the Americans and indeed the recent Beijing Summer Olympics has made it appear that the globe is currently in a dual-pole medal universe revolving around China and the US.

    • Quasimode – The Land Of Freedom

      by David Gluzman

      Growing up I was heavily influenced by the sounds of classical music, and then later on by Jazz. I fondly recall listening to lots of Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie, Louis Armstrong and more recently Herbie Hancock in his crazy new-age crazy style jazz. I guess you can say I like Jazz. I’ve also …

    • MSTRKRFT with the Small Town DJ’s

      by Adrian Bryksa

      These two chaps are technicians as evidenced by their ripping through their superbly crafted eclectic set. My toes were tapping and feet moving the whole time. They had some sound troubles but worked through them with ease.

    • Star Wars – Clone Wars

      by Ian Harding

      Bright colours, action, and the sound of lightsabers. Oh lightsabers. An element very specific to only one saga of films: Star Wars.
      Not having “episode” in the title, Star Wars: The Clone Wars leaves one pondering its existence. Heck, even I didn’t know it existed until I saw it. The hype and PR around this film …

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