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    • Sammiches

      by Dijita

      The stomach is grumbling and you can’t ignore the call. You need to refuel with something that’s not going to go right through you like some kid on a waterslide. The answer is simple… sammiches.

    • Nike Shox Shoes

      by Ian Harding

      I’ve heard the rumors that Nike shoes actually create injury, I was still at a point of desperation when it came to getting some new running shoes, so I was willing to find out.

    • Don’t Drink & Pork

      by Gordon McDowell

      Its so close Calgarians can taste it, and are ready to celebrate. Beer is chugged. Boobs are flashed. But it could all end at any moment… those with lust in their hearts know they have to act fast.

    • How about them Apples?

      by Pamela Hruska

      It was important to select an inconspicuous grocery store for the task, as ringing through 10 different bags of one apple each did not seem to make my cashier very enthused.

    • The More Things Change, The More They Stay the Same

      by Beauty

      We are in a position where we can live comfortably in a large urban centre, and buy nice things for ourselves. Yet our savings are increasing but our spending has not. Why?

    • Santa Cruz & The Monterey Peninsula

      by MaxPower

      There are also some excellent wineries in the area, especially up Carmel valley which won’t be as crowded as the “super-wineries” of the Napa Valley area…

    • Marcel – Changes Colours Again

      by The Good Looking Organisation

      I Like To Tell Ya Thingz is the crown jewel of Marcel’s and MC Conrad’s collaboration. Conrad is more than just the narrator, he is playing the game. His distinctive voice feeding your addiction…

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