2007 Calgary Tattoo and Arts Festival

by Adrian Bryksa

Tattoos are one of those things that can make a statement about the canvas they reside on. They can tell the world that you are an outlaw, or let people know that you were young and dumb once and have some souvenirs to show for it. These days, they can be a lifestyle indicator or be can added as a one of a kind piece of art. It can be a challenge to figure out what one would want inked or who would be the best artist to help you make this choice, which is why the Calgary Tattoo and Arts Festival is a outstanding resource to start or complete your hunt. Here is our list of why you should check it out:

The Top 10 Reasons You Should Go to the Calgary Tattoo and Arts Festival.

1. Got Ink? – This is one of the biggest shows in North America featuring over 200 artists. If you want one of these artists to ink you up, get in touch with them before the show as time and space is limited. For some, this might be your only chance other than heading to their shops far away to get these people to ink you. Oh yeah, bring your cash too.

Inked Up by a StarInked Up by a Star

2. Looking to Show Off Your Tats – This might be one of the only times outside of a tattoo parlor and maybe a beach that it is social acceptable to take your shirt off and show off your tatties in public. Be prepared for this as well as it is quite normal and seemingly encouraged for complete strangers to lift up their shirts and show off their goods.

3. Meet and Greet Some Celebrities – Kat Von D and some of her LA Ink crew were in the house signing autographs, being available for photo ops and actually did some tattooing. As if you needed an excuse to check out some hot celebrity tattie artists.


4. Hook up some new togs – Now that you have made the commitment to getting a tattoo or have started to think about what you want, why not pick up some fancy new digs and accessories to help you accentuate your look. You know you want a sexy little corset, knee high vinyl boots or a nice skull and bones bag to give you and your fresh ink some street cred. There are some barbers on site that can give you a new ‘do, hooking it up with a little pomade or a with a nice mowawk.

5. Browse for like minded people – Give yourself some extra time to really soak up the visuals here as you will see people of all shapes and sizes in various states of dress (think hipsters to strippers and all in between). Lots and lots of delicious eye candy is abound at this festival and trust me when I say this, there is something for everyone.


6. Check out a new sport – It was hot in the 70s and is making a comeback, Roller Derby combines elements of hockey, football and NASCAR along with girls in spandex. You need to ask yourself what other sport combines girls in Lycra and fishnets trying to kick each others asses on roller skates. None I say.

7. Can you say Choppers and Customs – As if tattoo artists and accessories weren’t enough, there are several car clubs and cycle shops in the house showing off their rides. There were so many rad machines from American Chopper style customs to ratty old 60’s sedans, there was something for every ones taste. My favorite was the Grasshopper 30’s style Chev coupe. It was pure class in fly yellow with green pin-striping. Many of these cars and bikes are for sale as well.

Hot Rod

8. Beer Gardens – After browsing and buying the freaks and geeks, what better way to chill out than to have a tasty, tasty beverage of the Milwaukee variant?

9. Free Swag – For those of you looking to load up a laptop, bike or reusable coffee cup with some decals, the Tattoo show is the place collect. Most vendors have cards and stickers to give away helping them promote themselves or their shops outside of the show. Typically these stickers are the right price, free.

10. Show your Colors – One thing that was really off the wall was to see was outlaw motorcycle club representation at this years festival. There were booths for the Hells Angels and I believe The Bandits who were hawking their wares. After leaving the festival, my one regret was not picking up some Hell Angels tees for my wife and daughter. Nothing says I love you more than some swag from a violent criminal gang.

  • 2007 Calgary Tattoo and Arts Festival
  • by Adrian Bryksa
  • Published on September 9th, 2007
September 1-3rd, 2007
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