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    • 2006 Pillar Box Red

      by Adrian Bryksa

      Decant, decant, decant. I find myself talking about this more and more when it comes to red wines, especially new ones.

    • Artist Profile: Calm

      by Jon Freer

      His tracks embody the beauty of life and the world that surrounds us. Stylistically, he produces material that can be placed in categories such as downtempo, nu-jazz and house, but like all musical greats, some of productions defy easy categorization.

    • Influences: DJ Marky

      by Jon Freer

      Influences: DJ Marky is actually an incredible body of music, featuring everything from sweet guitar driven cuts sourced from his home country, to soulful grooves, fantastic house efforts and buoyant disco, before finishing at breakneck D&B.

    • Vinya l’Hereu Petit Grealo

      by Adrian Bryksa

      Every time I think that I have seen all this wonderful city of Calgary has to offer in terms of wines and spirits, I encounter something more amazing and more jaw dropping than I could possibly imagine.

    • Mr. Scruff – Ninja Tuna

      by Jon Freer

      The Scruffy one’s Tuna is finally on the menu, a few years after waving his jazzy trousers around, keeping it incredibly surreal and getting dubby on his debut. There are only a few silly track titles on this album and Ninja Tuna features a host of major musical players.

    • Torres Gran Coronas Cabernet Sauvignon Reserva

      by Adrian Bryksa

      Lately, I have found several very good wines from Spain at value prices and lately it seems like the number of offerings is expanding due to their high quality and affordable prices. Perhaps I can add this offering to the list?

    • Bassermann-Jordan Deidesheimer Paradiesgarten Riesling Kabinett

      by Adrian Bryksa

      November 4th, 2008 a historic day for the United States and the world. I believe I may have found a historic German Riesling!

    • Clos de Los Siete

      by Adrian Bryksa

      This wine is exciting with dark, inky deep purple tones to it. With the first sniffy sniff, there is a nice blackberry component poking through with some white pepper and a nice hint of toasted oak. To stand up to this wine, match it up with some hard, old Cheddar and biscuits.

    • Value Wine Experiment – 3 Reds under $15.00

      by Adrian Bryksa

      He pulled me over to an Australian blend which seemed interesting as a 2005 at 11 dollars, so I made it my choice. Ian grabbed a 2007 Chilean Cabernet and David jumped on an 2006 Argentine Malbec

    • Zimmermann Rosshimmel Riesling

      by Adrian Bryksa

      As I continued to sip, the terroir to which the grapes were grown continued to shine through with those much desired flint, rock and mineral aspects pouring through.

    • Stark – Condé Syrah

      by Adrian Bryksa

      For the most part, I typically stay away from South African wines, for no good reason other than I haven’t had one that has really excited me or blown me away. Maybe this Syrah will change that.

    • Nights in Rodanthe

      by Pamela Hruska

      If anything, this movie highlights the fact that in any stage of life, you will not evade the debacle of trying to solidify a really firm idea of exactly what you want. Based on a Nicholas Sparks novel, this film captures the author’s style quite closely.

    • The Little Penguin Merlot

      by Adrian Bryksa

      I find myself picking up bottles, reading the labels and examining the packaging and wondering what makes the average consumer choose it over the countless others in the sea of similarly priced products.

    • Caves Alianca Quinta dos Quatro Ventos Douro

      by Adrian Bryksa

      I immediately thought that this wine would be an excellent contender for the cellar as in my experience, they often are much better in a few years time when they have had a chance to mellow out in bottle.

    • Nugan Estate Manuka Grove Vineyard Durif

      by Adrian Bryksa

      I remember the day I first tried this wine and it was all I talked about with all my oenophile friends. I rushed out and bought as much as I could and stockpiled it in my cellar. Since then, many Merlots, Shirazes and Chardonnays have become between us.

    • Christian Prommer’s Drumlesson

      by David Gluzman

      I originally sat down on the couch to read the latest issue of WIRED magazine and decided to plop in some new music.. While dodging the overwhelming amount of ads presented to me in the magazine I was suddenly completely unable to stay focused on what I was looking at and was completely absorbed by the music being played.

    • Travaglini Gattinara Riserva

      by Adrian Bryksa

      Typically, this is a 90 + point rated wine from Wine Spectator. It is an excellent example of an outstanding medium bodied Nebbiolo from Northern Piedmont in Italy, delivering a slightly hard candy, floral bouquet with a orangish hue.

    • Esser Cellars Chardonnay

      by Adrian Bryksa

      Coming out of the bottle, it exhibited a pale honey straw-ish color and the nose is delivered a bit of baked apple and honey along with some toasted oak, which almost makes it seem like apple pie.

    • Quasimode – The Land Of Freedom

      by David Gluzman

      Growing up I was heavily influenced by the sounds of classical music, and then later on by Jazz. I fondly recall listening to lots of Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie, Louis Armstrong and more recently Herbie Hancock in his crazy new-age crazy style jazz. I guess you can say I like Jazz. I’ve also …

    • Star Wars – Clone Wars

      by Ian Harding

      Bright colours, action, and the sound of lightsabers. Oh lightsabers. An element very specific to only one saga of films: Star Wars.
      Not having “episode” in the title, Star Wars: The Clone Wars leaves one pondering its existence. Heck, even I didn’t know it existed until I saw it. The hype and PR around this film …

    • Get Smart!

      by Pamela Hruska

      Nik at night used to play hour after hour of Get Smart. Sure the show was cheesy, but I was young, and used to dedicate time to it anyway. The test? Is a resurrection going to be a blaring reminder that I had horrifically bad taste once upon a day? Well, if you never liked …

    • The Dark Knight

      by Pamela Hruska

      A heavy weight surrounding this film leaves me asking myself what shapes my impression about it all. The world will go into theatres this Friday with conceptions, whatever they may be. Access to long winded, very detailed accounts of The Dark Knight by Christopher Nolan, can be found everywhere, but I’m not convinced it is …

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