Christian Prommer’s Drumlesson

by David Gluzman

So yes, I’m reviewing another Jazz album back to back.. There’s very good reason for this mind you, as what I’m about to talk about has been the most impressive piece of work I’ve heard all year.

I originally sat down on the couch to read the latest issue of WIRED magazine and decided to plop in some new music.. While dodging the overwhelming amount of ads presented to me in the magazine I was suddenly completely unable to stay focused on what I was looking at and was completely absorbed by the music being played. Before I knew it the volume had been cranked to 11 and I was in piano heaven!

Christian Prommer (formally of Truby Trio, Fauna Flash, and Voom Voom), has masterfully put together some of the most incredible jazz tracks of the new millennium. Absolutely and completely mind blowing good. Besides this being jaw-dropping, I only later realized why some of the tracks were resonating so quickly with me.. Track names such as: Rej, Strings of Life, and Around the World.. All names of super famous Techno/Electronic tracks..

Live: Christian Prommers Drumlesson – Rej by AME

Yes. Drumlessons is Mr.Prommer’s Jazz interpretations of some of the most famous electronic tracks of the past two decades or so. Larry Heard, Ame, Kraftwerk, Josh Wink, Derrick May, and even Daft Punk have been redone in Jazz! I honestly had no idea till I went back and re-read the press release on this, it all sounds completely original, yet eerily familiar.

The group of people that Christian has put together for his inaugural release on Sonar Kollektiv is outstanding. Wolfgang Haffner, Dieter Ilg, Robero Di Gioia, Ernst Stroer have all worked with some of the most famous artists on the planet. Having put them all together (and produced by Peter Kruder), they have successfully created the single most amazing album of the year. Oh and did I mention there’s a Volume Two coming in a few months?

  • Christian Prommer’s Drumlesson
  • by David Gluzman
  • Published on September 8th, 2008
Christian Prommer
Drumlesson Vol.1
New Jazz / Electronic vs Jazz
Sonar Kollektiv
End of October

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