Esser Cellars Chardonnay

by Adrian Bryksa

2002 Esser Cellars Chardonnay

Esser Cellar Chardonnay

Vintage: 2002

Region: California (USA)

Alcohol: 13.5%

Price: $12.19

From time to time, I visit a store and do some sampling of the clearance bin wines looking for diamonds in the rough, and the above selection was 25% off at my local Liquor Depot. Coming out of the bottle, it exhibited a pale honey straw-ish color and the nose is delivered a bit of baked apple and honey along with some toasted oak, which almost makes it seem like apple pie. Tasting this, I am not excited and if I had paid the full price of 16+ dollars, I would be disappointed due it being rather one dimensional on the palate (toasted apple) and the heat and sugar it gives off provide a lingering bitter aftertaste. It reminds me of a cheap, flat sparkling wine that has been sitting out a couple of days. (don’t ask me how I know what this tastes like) It is passed its prime and unfortunately, time was not kind to it. I would highly recommend giving this wine away if it is in your cellar, or if you make the mistake of buying it like I did. I paired it with some Shrimp Fettucini Alfredo which was its only saving grace, as the fat in the sauce toned down the burning alcohol aftertaste. Kindly thank the person who gives this to you, and re-gift it yourself.

65 points

  • Esser Cellars Chardonnay
  • by Adrian Bryksa
  • Published on August 27th, 2008
65 Points

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