Websites Nuances

by David Gluzman

Concise and to the point that’s how I like my websites and that’s how this article is going to go down. If you’d like the longer version please feel free to visit blah blah blah..

Flash Intros: I’m sorry to say all you flash lovers, but these are a complete waste of time, the web is about information that I can control. If you make these sorta things maybe you should try working in dieing industry such as.. oh.. television! And at the very least if your boss is making you make a flash intro for his personal poodle collection make sure to have a SKIP INTRO button someplace at all times.

Click Here Links: Uuuh I think I can figure out what a link is and what it can do, why in the world are you cluttering my reading speed with ?Click here?? Oh and if I can’t figure out what is click-able then you’ve got bigger issues at hand.

(Somewhat related to the above) Links that take you someplace unexpected: Why are you trying to trick me!

Pop-up Windows (A web insta classic): Legit or not, you don’t need ’em and I don’t want ’em. Why are you trying to confuse users with an ENTIRE DIFFERENT WINDOW?!

Ever Changing Navigation: Your navigation should be the one thing that NEVER changes on the user! Sure you can add or remove items from your navigation but why don’t you focus on changing the content instead! Oh and as a side note DHTML scrolling super navigation bars are equally as bad since they are practically un-usable in extreme cases (think list of 20 sub items with 20 more sub items hidden with sub menus of sub menus). Oh yeeeah.

Blinking anything: What is this 1992 (granted I haven’t seen this in a while, I wonder if it’s dead yet). By the way there is a blink feature in CSS but if I catch you using it…

The incapability to try an alternative to Microsofts Internet Explorer: Now this is a big one. I simply cannot understand the people that are out there that REFUSE to even try using an alternative browser in this day in age of spyware and rampant exploitation of users connected to the web. For the love of god people, use a different browser; heck at least try using FireFox, it’s fast, it’s free and will make you happy I personally guarantee it (especially since it finally released v1.0).

Now stop all your bitching and install a better experience:

  • Websites Nuances
  • by David Gluzman
  • Published on December 1st, 2004

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