Rogers/Shaw Hi-Speed Internet

by Crom & D4V

D4V: Claim: Unlimited High Speed Internet Fact: Unlimited hassles guarantee

Crom: You know, I remember when I got my iStar account; I thought I was in paradise. When I got my High Speed cable, I thought I’d walked into the greatest show room on earth. Instead, I’d walked into a shit sandwich, and we all had to take a bite. Shaw high speed is a boon and a curse, much like the proverbial apple that Adam takes a bite of, you can receive and tasty treat, and horrible expulsion from paradise.

D4V: The fact that Rogers bluntly advertises “UNLIMITED” internet access, yet constantly harasses users about “using” their service makes me scratch my head. I do realize that if everyone abused their service, then their service would cost them a fortune. Yet, I really think they should change how they are marketing the product. The lesson here kids is that false advertising is wrong. When you lie, you go to hell.

Crom: Yes, hell. Brimstone, and so forth. Shaw is a mystery to all who actually have the service. It’s spotty at best, and has the tendency to fail on a regular, if not scheduled time frame. Constant DNS lookup errors, gateway malfunction, and just plain old “don’t fucking work” plagues the service like locusts on a corn field. The ridiculous part of all of that is that they constantly bother their clientele about the precious bandwidth usage. If anything this only makes me believe that the house of cards they have for an infrastructure is going to explode at any given moment, and plunge us all into the dark ages. The biggest joke of all, is that their rival, Telus, doesn’t even offer service in the part of town we live in, so we’re stuck with Shaw. Much like being stuck with a hump on my back like Quasimodo, we are stuck with Shaw “High Speed” (which is also a lie). SANCTUARY.

D4V: To make matters even more aggravating is Rogers’s new customer lure. One, two, 6 months free, no service fees, etc etc. Wow, that’s great for new customers (which is all that really matters I guess), but what about the people that have used the service since it’s conception? I’ve never gotten a “whim” break in price or bonus for using the service for several years. What the hell is going on? Not only does the service itself suck wank, but the customer satisfaction is inexistent. The minute there is an alternative in my area, I’m switching; or hell Dialup is damned tempting some days.

  • Rogers/Shaw Hi-Speed Internet
  • by Crom & D4V
  • Published on July 1st, 2002
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