Love Your Computer Geek

by Steve McGrath

Time and time again I hear stories of people who do not respect their programmers, computer techs or web designers. I look at the knowledge and education some programmers have and I am in awe at how poorly they get paid, the long hours they are expected to work. Getting a project at 5 p.m. with the expectation it will be done for first thing in the morning. Worse doing the work for an agreed price then having to re-negotiate when the work is complete.

When you treated your paper boy poorly, he gave you a soggy paper or walked across your lawn wearing a nasty path. Now the modern computer geek hacks your system, writes viruses and generally makes a mess of things for you. Why do people make enemies of a legitimate business asset? Smart business people do it all the time. I am baffled.

The warnings are all over. The I love you bug, anti virus software that updated all the time. It is crazy. Science fantasy predicts machines taking over the world. Some smart programmer designs an intelligent computer. The Matrix is an invention of the machines. What the hell happened there? I will tell you, someone dissed the computer geek that made the machines intelligent. That geek split the scene blocking all e-mail including the emergency message that the machines were taking over. Could it have been avoided. Absolutely but the little guy with the twin 21 inch monitors was writing the next program to automate simplify modern household conveniences, or build a terminator to eliminate his unappreciative former client.

Think about it. A web designer comes into your business with the knowledge to enhance your business. They may be younger, they may not be as business wise. The good ones are rarely well tanned. The world needs them. Computers depreciate but a person who knows how to use them is a business asset. The best computer in the world is only valuable if it is running, even then it is the information that is valuable not the machine itself. In 2 years that machine is old. Then you need advice from a trustworthy soul. The nature of business hasn’t changed, it is about relationships. Your relationship with your computer geek is a necessary reality to success. You had best treat them respectfully and pay them appropriately. Do you really want them to be bitter and create the machines that will rise against the world?

  • Love Your Computer Geek
  • by Steve McGrath
  • Published on July 1st, 2003

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