Confessions of a Sugar Bear Poacher

by Pamela Hruska

I am completely passionate for and in love with sour gummy bears. I affectionately refer to them as 'sugar bears'. Introduced to me for the first time at a young age by a family friend, we shared some sugar bears over small talk and tea. Ever since I have been on the quest for finding and ingesting these little guys! In my early years this meant saving allowance, and then hopping on my bicycle to the local candy store. Occasionally I was fortunate enough to find them in bulk at the grocery store, and hunting was fairly simple. Now however, I fear we are nearing total extinction of this delicious treat, and I cannot find them ANYWHERE.

Why the love affair? These gummy bears are larger in size, ranging from 2-3 centimeters in length, and about 1.5 cm in girth. They typically come as a blend of two different colors, for example a head of green and a torso of red. My favorite? Probably red and orange. If I do come upon a bulk selection, I will arduously pick through and try to avoid the ones which are part yellow.

On the palate sugar bears are sweet at first, and then progressively move into a sour taste. Not the sour that sends you into a state of horrific facial contortions, but more a nice and addictive warm cheek tinging sensation. Drinking tea with these gems is an enhancement of the experience for sure!

So here I am, old enough to know that eating gummy bears is perhaps quirky, but stuck on a perpetual hunt for those old friends. After indulging, I've been told that I am out of control with hyperactivity. But my point is this: Where else can you find a high that produces attention deficit surges of energy bursts without having to seek illicit or prescription type substances? I swear, after about five of these guys, you'll experience a sympathetic surge of neuroexcitability, sending you into a state of pure non stop chatter and movement.

If you are out and about and spot these bright delicious bears, I beg you, buy them up, save one for yourself, and send me the rest! My last spotting was in the underground mall in Montreal. I am reluctant to eat them out of fear, for this little stash I have may be the last of them. Perhaps someone caught onto the production methods and realized it was not safe for the public? It's too late. I don't care about public safety from those ingesting sugar bears – I just love them and I am hopeful someone will bring them back. MmM! The bliss of sugar overload and the reminders of what its like to be a pure kid again are intoxicating. I'm vibrating just thinking of them!

  • Confessions of a Sugar Bear Poacher
  • by Pamela Hruska
  • Published on January 16th, 2009

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