Holiday Drinks

by Silenced Scream

Well I’m back with another installment to my most likely ongoing series of how to get drunk on things that taste better than Lysol. Its that time of year again when people like to be ‘merry’ and what not so here’s a list to help send you on you’re way to seeing the ghost of Christmas past and help warm you up in the process.

The Monte Cristo

Probably one of the most popular hot drinks among restaurant goers.

  • 1/2oz Grand Marnier
  • 1/2oz Kahlua (or similar liquor)
  • Coffee

First take a fancy (no not your regular morning coffee mug you schmuck) coffee cup and sugar the rim. One of the easiest mess free ways of doing this is to put a few tablespoons of sugar into a saucer plate and then use a lemon wedge to moisten the rim of the glass. Add the booze, then the coffee leaving about half an inch from the top of the glass. Top with whip cream and some chocolate shavings if you happen to have them lying around. (I saw them both sitting by the dog biscuits. Don’t worry I won’t tell.)

An Irish Kiss

In the spirit of Christmas I will refrain from making fun of the Irish. That is all. Oh and this drink is really good.

  • 1/2oz Baileys
  • 1/2oz Kahlua
  • Coffee

Sugar the rim on your coffee glass, toss in the booze, then the coffee. Top with whipped cream.


Mmmmm chocolaty berry goodness.

  • 1oz Chambord
  • 1oz Crème de Cacao dark
  • Coffee

Sugar the rim on your coffee glass, toss in the booze, then the coffee. Top with whipped cream.

Irish Coffee

Ok this is the granddaddy of all hot drinks. I’m not even going to put a list of ingredients for you. Basically what you want is coffee in an unsuspecting mug with enough Irish Whiskey (Tullemore Dew or whatever) to stagger the Motley Crue boys. “You don’t have Irish Whiskey!” Well then this is where being creative comes in handy, be like the Irish and drink whatever will get you pissed.

Chocolate Monk

This one is for all you non-coffee drinker’s out there. Still very tasty but without the caffeine high of the others.

  • 1/3oz Baileys
  • 1/3oz Kahlua
  • 1/3oz Frangelico
  • Hot Chocolate

Sugar the rim, mix ingredients, top with whipped cream.

There you have it, mind you that is just the tip of the ice berg and a few of my personal fav’s. As always the key here is to get creative, mix and match, grab a few different bottles and just see what works. Happy holiday’s everyone, and don’t be a dumbass and drink and drive because I will slow down to laugh at your broken corpse on the side of the road while driving by.

  • Holiday Drinks
  • by Silenced Scream
  • Published on January 1st, 2004

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