Fubar (The Movie)

by David Gluzman

Just Give’r.

Sweet, a movie about head-bangers that shotgun cans of Pilsner. What else would you want to see in a low budget movie depicting some white trash in Calgary.

Having seen Terry (Dave Lawrence) act out several times at the Loose Moose theater, I was greatly anticipating the release of this movie. I first heard about it when it was playing at the sundance film festival. When I found out that this was going to be a movie based on the same character at “Hot Nuts and Popcorn” (at the Loose Moose), I was extremely pumped.

The greatest thing about this movie, was the fact that the audience was completely into all the craziness and humor during its entirety. I’m talking about for the entire length of the movie, people laughing and hollering throughout. What a blast.

In a nutshell the movie is about two friends who are into rock’n’roll and massive partying. The movie is filmed like a documentary. I don’t really want to go into great detail concerning the actual story behind Fubar, because I highly encourage you to go see this yourself.

Go watch Fubar, it simply rocks.

  • Fubar (The Movie)
  • by David Gluzman
  • Published on June 1st, 2002
Busted Tranny Productions / Odeon
Dave Lawrence, Paul Spence, Michael Dowse
May 2002

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