Old Skool Movie Review: Rambo II

by Crom

Old Skool Movie Review
This months classic: RAMBO First Blood Part II

There are few people over the age of 15 that haven’t seen this movie. It embodies the classic 80’s action movie template. From it’s outrageous premise, to the ludicrous over-use of explosions, Rambo 2 was the trademark action blockbuster. The concept that an ex-special forces, now incarcerated, veteran would be sent solo to his old stomping grounds to look for signs of P.O.W.’s left behind during the war, is to say the least questionable. However, this is totally over-shadowed by the one-man army aspect. This movie was the standard to which all other one-man destruction flicks would be measured.

The movie contained good action, from the suspenseful night time parachute drop gone wrong, to the stealthy jungle fighting, it was chalked full of fast paced action and hardcore fighting, and for the most part was an entertaining movie. Now that I’ve said something nice, it’s go time.

I don’t know what drugged up movie producer thought this script was a good idea, perhaps the tension at the time of congress covering up missing soldiers was good meat, but seriously, one man vs. an entire Russian regiment. The first Rambo movie had a believability factor that was quite high. The concept was not beyond the scope of normal man. But, this movie blasted reality to small pieces with explosive tipped arrows. Doing acid and filming action is a bad combination and this proves it.

The drop scene, boat battle and 1st pow break out was all good. However, when his Vietnamese girlfriend gets smoked with an AK, he goes totally berserk! I mean yeah, I’d be pretty pissed too, but I don’t think my anger would give me super-human abilities. The only acceptable portion of the movie after this is broken into two parts (since neither part by itself is really noteworthy). The mud scene, in which Rambo doesn’t appear to be in the shot at all, until a wall of mud behind a soldier spouts eyes then comes alive and stabs the Russian. And, the spitting, angry scene at the end in which he announces to Trautman, he wants what every guy wants.

All in all this movie has some serious holes in it, but for a non-stop , blow up everyone, kill every living thing action movie you can’t go wrong.

  • Old Skool Movie Review: Rambo II
  • by Crom
  • Published on November 1st, 2001
Rambo First Blood Part II
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