Ninteen Days

by Beauty

I recently experienced something so ridiculous, so frustrating, that I was at a loss for how to react. Of course, my imagination was filled with fantasy scenarios involving violence and unfathomable wit, but when faced with overwhelming stupidity I lose the will to fight. This is a story about my struggle, and the triumph of good over evil.

On August 10, 2005, I entered an eyewear store to choose two sets of frames and prescription lenses. I found two pairs I was happy with, and paid $459 to have them made up for me. ?They will be ready in a week?, the helpful sales girl promised (let?s call her Girl #1). I called the store on August 18 to inform them I would be arriving after work to pick up my glasses. ?Oh, they?re not ready?, I was told by a voice that brought to mind the bored, disinterested sales girl from the previous week (Girl #2), ?they?ll be here tomorrow.? Fine, I could wait one more day.

I called the store on August 19, to check if my order was ready. ?Sorry, but the lab is a bit slow, they won?t be ready until Monday? said Girl #2. ?I was told yesterday that they would be ready today,? I pointed out. ?Yes,? said Girl #2, ?but the lab is backed up and they aren?t ready yet. Sorry.? Click.

Monday August 22, arrived, and I was looking forward to getting my glasses. I called the store from my office. Girl #2 answered, a warning sign. My glasses weren?t ready. ?They?ll be here tomorrow?, promised Bitch #2. I called the next day, and was told the same thing: ?tomorrow?. I was beginning to notice a pattern.

I was actually unable to call or visit the store on the 24th, so I decided to let the day go by and pick them up the following day. That would definitely give the store enough time to receive my order. I needed the space anyway. I was slightly annoyed. I called on August 25, and finally received a different answer from Slag #2: ?My morning order was delayed; but they?ll be here at 5:30 today.? YEEHAW, WHOOPEE! Unfortunately I was unable to stop by the store that afternoon, but was satisfied with the knowledge that I could pop in on Friday and my glasses would FINALLY BE THERE.

But I was wrong. I went to the store on Friday, and my glasses weren?t there. I was greeted at the store by Wanting-To-Be-Helpful Girl #3, who was subbing in for Hole #2 that day. My meeting with her that day will remain censored for our delicate readers, but I?m happy to report that my glasses were ready on Monday morning, just as she promised they would be. I had found my voice, and boy did she hear me.

Next time, I?ll go to LensCrafters.

  • Ninteen Days
  • by Beauty
  • Published on October 1st, 2005

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