by Gordon McDowell

The bubbles. Ah the bubbles.

“Vahini, I need you to play this woman in a tub. You’re bathing in a tub. I’ll video tape you. It will be awsome!”

“Gord if you think I’m gonna strip down naked and get in your tub, you’re sadly mistaken. I’m outta here.”

“No Vahini, its not like that at all… see… uh… you’ll be clothed. You’re not REALLY naked. We’ll… we’ll… put bubbles in the water. It’ll be a bubble bath. It will cover your bra.”

And so Vahini entered the tub. She with the understanding that the bra she wore would protect her decency. And I with the understanding the bubbles… the precious bubbles… would protect the illusion of nudity.

How to make bubbles? Its not like I had any bubble bath on hand. Who does? What man keeps a stash of bubble bath? That would be gay. Or at least require pre-planning.

So dishsoap it was. Dishsoap is a harsh mistress. It makes you work for those precious few bubbles. Barely hiding the bra with their teasingly short lifespan.

We spent more time squirting in soap and running hot water then actually shooting. And the bra that did get caught on camera? Hello hours of post production! With the time I put into digital-bra-removal, George Lucas could have invented a lovable CGI character based on some racial minority.

Stupid bubbles.

After taping this skit, the next time I passed by a Body Shop I took a quick look around… to make sure no one else was watching. I darted inside and made my first bubble bath purchase.

Because you just never know when you’ll need a bathtub full of bubbles. But not in a gay way.

  • SugarPlumHoneyBun
  • by Gordon McDowell
  • Published on October 1st, 2005

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