The .ini-way to hell

by Crom

There is nothing in this world that will infuriate me as fast as file associations changing. NOTHING. Floods and world hunger are small potatoes when compared to my computer always doing exactly what I want it to, when I choose a file. Recently I was given an iTrip for Christmas; for those unfamiliar, iTrip is an FM transmitter for the ipod, so any radio can be used as a medium for the speakers. As I was installing the software, along came an error message:


Oh great. Musicmatch sucks more then a vacu-flo, and with less usefulness around the house. Like so many companies they thought that they needed to reengineer the way that music is organized and played. FOOLS, when will you realize that winamp is the highest evolution of music playing, and that I’ll organize the friggin’ mp3’s myself? In fact even the software that was supposed to be used to sync my iPod was terrible, I use an off-shoot program called EphPod, and its superiority to iTunes is so great that it melts people’s brains. However, its quality isn’t the issue here, the issue is that once MusicMatch is installed, it grabs all the music associations, so when you double-click on your Wham! Collection, musicmatch pipes up and starts playing. I assure you this is the most aggravating thing in the entire universe (short of the actual Wham music). Then you have to spend 10 minutes getting windows to realize that winamp should be playing your music, and that MusicMatch licks chode. And it has friends.

There is no fiend more into doing this to your machine then QuickTime. QuickTime is an evil so persistent that I refused to install it on my machine for a year and a half (until I really needed to see the trailer for Bubba-Hotep). When I did install it I had to go through all the MIME settings to confirm they weren’t stealing my associations and screwing them up. Of course once you done that it will bug you about which program is the default application for those files for a year, and then ask you to upgrade every time you open it. FAH! A pox on QuickTime! And all other programs that debase the quality of my computer with their greasy association hogging; you have to watch out for Photoshop doing this kind of crap too, cuz then every time you try to open a jpg of a naked..I mean..a pastoral nature scene, you have to spend the 2 minutes watching PS load up all the modules.

The idiot part of this is that the solution for fixing this half the time is to delete the program that caused the problem. Does anyone at these companies realize that people will actually stop using their product, in order to revert back to when their system was corrupted by their shittiness? I think not. That or they hope no one will have the balls to uninstall it. They figure the amount of people who just won’t care, or are too lazy (or computer illiterate) to ever change it back again…

WELL SCREW YOU! I refuse to be a victim of your association rape Apple! One day every is going to realize you suck, and that you take over their files, and they’re going to rise up, and put you on trial, and we’ll be running through the streets, with your head, ON A POLE!

  • The .ini-way to hell
  • by Crom
  • Published on January 1st, 2004

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