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LTJ Bukem’s, Good Looking Organisation, is pleased to finally announce the arrival of the long awaited album, ‘Human Elements’, by the rising star from Japan, Makoto. Makoto is currently proving himself to be one of the more diverse and promising elements in Good Looking’s musical repertoire. His debut album combines soul and funk with some great drum and bass rhythms that only Makoto can blend together in his inimitable way. The new video and a free MP3 download from this album are available for R4NT readers!


‘TIME’ is the first full single to be taken from the forthcoming artist album ‘HUMAN ELEMENTS’ featuring a superb vocal from Cleveland Watkiss and released 7th July 2003. Makoto has distilled the soul and funk of his 70’s heroes – Marvin Gaye, Barry White, Leroy Hutson – to create this rich, rewarding, and downright funky groove. The video is set in Tokyo, Japan, Makoto’s hometown. Let time stop in this busy life and enjoy!

Makoto feat. Cleveland Watkiss‘ – Time

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A luscious remix by Kyoto Jazz Massive, this chilled-out cut is a sure-fire winner aimed straight for the soul.

Makoto feat. Cleveland Watkiss‘ – Time (Kyoto Jazz Massive remix)

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Drum & Bass star John B does his first remix for Good Looking, and weighs in with something deep and musical with his unmistakeable, highly kinetic undertones – well produced and mingled with the swirling, reverbed strings. This remix features on the album ‘Human Elements’ as a track on the bonus CD. My Soul was initially released as a single on 12″ vinyl at the end of September 2002. A well received, quality track that has really paved the way for further Makoto releases this summer.

Makoto‘ – My Soul (John B Remix)

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This classic, first released back in 2001 on Logical Progression 4, gets a revamp. It is already a hit with Worldwide tastemaker Gilles Peterson This remix will be released on Makoto’s debut album ‘Human Elements’ on the 23rd of July 2003. If you enjoyed the first one, the remix is not to be missed.

Makoto‘ Take My Soul Baby (Remix)

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