Drink: Absolut Vanilla

by MaxPower

Absolut VanillaOn May 27, 2003, Absolut, the oh-so-trendy flavoured vodka maker announced the North American launch of its newest product ‘Absolut Vanilla’ and yours truly was at the official Canadian launch party, representing R4NT to sample the new wares. After the ground breaking smash Coca-Cola has on its hand with Vanilla Coke this new design on an old product was just a matter of time.

Absolut carries on with the theory of ‘designer vodka’ to help mixologists come up with new and creative spins on the vodka martini and other trend setting drinks. This is the fifth flavoured vodka creation by the people at Absolut. The first was Absolut Peppar released way back in 1986, followed by Absolut Citron in ’88, Absolut Kurant in 1992 and Absolut Mandrin in 1999.

I sampled a couple of choice concoctions at the launch party. One with cranberry juice, vermouth, and of course vanilla vodka and another with orange juice subbed in for the cranberry juice. They were served in a lightly frosted martini glass and by blonde beauties sporting ‘Absolut’ airbrush tattoos. I was even offered a tattoo by the ‘airbrush girl’ who assured me it would only last five to seven days, the idea of which caused me to politely decline. The martinis were exceptionally smooth and for the amount of alcohol it contained there was almost no aftertaste. They definitely didn’t skimp on the booze and this is obviously the point behind the new drink – a panty remover so to speak. Alcoholic drinks get ‘fruitier’ (take that anyway you want it) in order to appeal to a previously ignored section of the drinking populace; namely women, who were generally, an untapped demographic.

I know a woman who loves vanilla, she loves her alcohol to taste like candy and I’m very sure she isn’t alone. In fact I read in their press articles that one of the hit combinations was the ‘latte mocha martini’ which has dots of chocolate syrup lining the glass and these dots eventually melt into a pool of Absolut Vanilla.

The description from the press release reads like a Starbucks ad: “It has taken one whole year of careful blending to develop the taste we wanted to offer our consumers. ABSOLUT VANILIA has a rich, robust and complex taste of vanilla with notes of butterscotch and hints of dark chocolate”. Sub in coffee for vanilla and voila Starbucks ad.

Now other than those types of drinks what would you use it for you ask? While I wouldn’t recommend putting it into a caesar, I would like to pass on some of the helpful drink ideas given at the launch. Put some in a cola drink to savour the smooth vanilla taste (see what I said about Vanilla Coke?) or try Absolut Vanilla with ginger ale and limejuice for a refreshing drink on a hot day.

It was good; I have to say I enjoyed the drinks I tried. A question in my mind however, is if I would drink enough Vanilla vodka to buy a big bottle. While it’s a niche market, this a product every young mixologist with dreams of a trendy martini bar in their basement should have. You’ll definitely have the ladies asking for it at your next big party.

  • Drink: Absolut Vanilla
  • by MaxPower
  • Published on June 1st, 2003
8 out of 10 Martini Glasses
Absolut Vanilla
Vanilla Flavoured 'designer' Vodka

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