Xperience – Club Mix

by David Gluzman

Good freakin’ house beats mixed in with some bleepy techno samples. Welcome to what the current house scene sounds like.

The “Xperience” line is a new venture from Moonshine Music. The new line which includes – Club Mix, Chillout Mix, Happy Hardcore, Trance and Drum and Bass – are very affordable new cds that bring together the best of each genre. If you were thinking of checking out any of these types of music this is a good starting point.

“Club Mix” brings together a good selection of underground house / club tracks into a seamless 60 minute set. I was unable to find out who mixed this cd, but it was compiled by Steve Levy and Tori Barnao. Splattered with heavy bass beats, and random samples such as “Don’t stop” or “Understand house music” are plenty. The gist of this album is it needs to be played loud, just like you’d want to hear it at a club.

All of these tracks have a good feel to them, and unless you’ve been never exposed to house music before you will get into the beat without hesitation.

I’d recommend this album for anyone that wants to hear some techno-house beats but doesn’t quite know what they should buy. Coming from Moonshine Records you can’t really go wrong and the quality is there even at the budget price.

  1. “Caterpillar” (Rabbit In The Moon’s Disco 2001 Mix) * Keoki
  2. “L-O-V-E” (Dave Audé’s Stomper Mix) * Doc Martin presents Discfunktional
  3. “Celebrate” (D’Still’D Dub) * Elli Mac
  4. “Funkography” * Caramel
  5. “Gonna Make It” (Drop Down Mix) * Stateside
  6. “De La Casa” * E.K.O.
  7. “House” * Lemon 8
  8. “Stop” * D’Still’D
  9. “Lady Alcohol” * Lyntronic
  10. “Manhattan Fever” * Jack Russel
  11. “Take Me Higher” * H.P. Vince
  12. “My Love” (Luvspunge XXL Remix) * Kellee

  • Xperience – Club Mix
  • by David Gluzman
  • Published on February 1st, 2003
Various Artists
Xperience: Club Mix
Moonshine Records
September 24th, 2002

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