Political Accoutrement

by Crom

Following the wonderful State of Union address I sat, staring stupidly at my TV and wondering aloud for the nth time why every influential power that is/be in the world has attempted to liken itself to various pop culture explosions of late. SO much like your parents in Junior High, attempting to be as cool as you were (although, you weren’t honestly), while embarrassing you in front of your friends. And, as history invariably repeats, we have the leader of the free world, embarrassing us once again. The whole socio/political world loves to include itself into the pop world. In obvious attempts to crack open the minds of the people and slip in under their radar as yet another of the Hollywood / Madison Avenue produced gems we all fall to our knees and worship with regular frequency.

I’ve mentioned in the forum, about the United States comparing itself to the Lord of the Rings, in an attempt to liken themselves to the forces of Good, fighting the forces of evil. And, I’ve also mentioned how much it pissed me off. I can only assume that while being political demigods, the ghost writers for most of these figureheads have little understanding of the ebb and flow of peoples entertainment tastes. Not only does this come off as tacky and stupid, but most people will roll their eyes and curse them for slandering the good name of JRR Tolkien. I for one am tired of politics and entertainment attempting to bridge the gap. The gap is there for a good reason, let’s leave it there.

Until the mid 1960’s any and all churches regarded Science Fiction and Fantasy novella papers and novels as blasphemous.

I was driving down the street the other day when I saw a church sign that had some useless pun and then an advert about the Lord’s fight against Satan and the LOTR. I almost stopped my car and burnt the church down. Not only does this strike me as an affront to the people who put time and effort into making the various tomes and bijou these blow hard’s so casually plagiarize but its hypocritical! Until the mid 1960’s any and all churches regarded Science Fiction and Fantasy novella papers and novels as blasphemous. Considered the work of the Devil and in many cases the reason most young children got strapped in school; these works they so casually toss about now. Alluding naturally to such fiction as the classic struggles of God vs. Mephistopheles.

I’m tired of it. Piss off! The political world and the church have enough of their own background to cook up something. Discontinue messing with the things I and many others think are above and beyond your domains. You have neither the social bond nor the savvy to use these as examples for anything other then possible references to the past. As in “I went to see (fill in blank) last night”. Other usages shall be viewed as an attack on the social world, to which you have no ties. Pack up your mockery of the human condition and do everybody a favor: Don’t come back.

  • Political Accoutrement
  • by Crom
  • Published on February 1st, 2003

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