Mike Who?

by Kobayashi

As of June 8, 2002 Heavy Boxing as we know it just got a little more boring. To watch Lennox Lewis dismantle “Iron” Mike Tyson was entertainment beyond belief and well worth the $80 many shelled out to watch the game from the best seat in the house.

But now what?

Who’s next?

Seriously, who is worthy of stepping into the ring with the likes of Lennox Lewis? Perhaps another underdeveloped, under-appreciated, nobody like Hasim Rahman again? Certainly not Holyfield who, in his 40’s, is liable to suffer heart failure at the opening bell. Perhaps Tyson, as gracious in defeat as he was, he can still prove to be a fierce fighter.

Is there any worthy contender for the belt now? Lennox has nothing left to prove having defeated the best in the world in ring and on the chess board. I bet you didn’t know he is a chessmaster scoring 2011. Barely a Garry Kasparov, but the fact that he can retain the ability to think straight after taking hundreds of shots to the head cannot be argued.

Let’s start off with Tyson. Do you want to see another matchup between these two? I certainly don’t. Tyson, graceful in defeat and requesting (notice I didn’t say demanding) a rematch with Lewis, seemed to me that he was giving Lewis the thumbs to call him his Bitch. He stood there and let the pummeling commence after the 2nd round.

“Can I have a rematch Mr. Lewis?”
“Bow down Bitch.”

I mean, lets face it, the main reason we all watched the fight wasn’t to see who would win. It was to see which extremity would be the first to be bitten off right?. Without “Iron” Mike starting a riot, what’s REALLY the point of watching him anymore? He’s lost his touch. Nowhere near the Tyson of yesterjail days. The separate weigh-ins and the line of security officers separating the two men in the ring only served to heighten my disappointment as there were no riots or body parts removed during the fight.

Okay, back to potential fighters. Holyfield. I think this man is well past his prime. He will be remembered as the man who was Tyson’s entrée and not as the one who defeated Tyson. His time has come… and now it’s gone The time has come to enjoy retirement and to allow his heart to keep pumping blood a brain which has the consistency of Jell-O. Sure, he’s in better shape than most of us. But who cares? Bottom line. He won’t sell tickets. Lennox wouldn’t even be able to buy an Porsche if they met.

So now heavyweight boxing will suffer. Until another man proves himself capable of fighting with the same intensity and ferocity as “Iron” Mike Tyson. Even Lennox Lewis, bringing a touch of class and dignity to the sport won’t be able to revive boxing without a worthy opponent to beat to the ground.

  • Mike Who?
  • by Kobayashi
  • Published on July 1st, 2002

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