Dungeon Siege (PC)

by Crom & D4V

Crom: Unless you’ve lived in a dark hole, then you’ve heard of Microsofts latest RPG “Dungeon Siege”. Following in the unsure footsteps of such gaming extravaganzas as Diablow and Diablow II , Dungeon Siege is a Single/Multiplayer world of battle. The 3d graphics were a much needed improvement to this style of game, and the insanely large world you travel in, with it’s lush environments and dynamic enemies leads one to believe that this could be the ultimate multi user game to date.

D4V: Before we start bashing Microsoft, you’ll be happy to know that this game actually comes from the creator of “Total Annihilation” thusly I personally was intrigued to see how good this game was going to be. The game itself is pretty straightforward. Standard issue beat stuff down and steal their loot RPG/Action game. Being a victim of the Diablo games that came out, I was very pleased/surprised by Dungeon Siege. This game is so much better, with the combination of graphics and game play.

Crom: The interface for DS was along the same lines as Diablo, although it missed the one good feature of having backpacks or chests to put stuff you couldn’t carry with you in, or any kind of storage for that matter. It had the same click on everything in sight style movement and combat action, but you could program your character to perform actions in a certain way (ie. Find enemies, only kill enemies near you, or stand your ground) this made occasions with tons O’ enemies easy to deal with, since your character pretty much dispatched everything in sight.

D4V: The really good thing I found about the interface was your ability to instantly switch from distance weapons, to melee, and two magic slots (by pushing 1-4 on the keyboard). This made the game fast paced, and lots of fun to play. Things that sort of bothered me though was the fact that melee hits really seemed to obliterate any other type of weapon in the game. Basically if you were using a melee specialist you’d be able to watch your enemies explode on contact, whereas someone equality as talented with ranged weapons were significantly weaker. There was no shortage of magic in the game either, but it always seemed like you’d be sticking to a very select few (mostly the healing self and others type).

Crom: The one drawback was that unless you planned to commit every single ounce of your time to being one kind of player, you’d never excel. I started as a Dwarf and used melee weapons, about 2 hours into it I started to use a healing magic, while I became a level 57 melee attacker, the magic , which I used constantly, never really made it over level 8. This means that my healing at one point, was so pathetic in the amount of health it gave back, because my levels rose to the point where my health was huge and the value of healing was not, that it became pointless to use. All in all the game was fast paced and fun, with lots of enemies, in various forms or another, and plenty of towns to visit. A good game, with some solid replay ability, Kudos to Gas powered.

D4V: If you plan on playing this game, make sure to cut off all contacts to the outside world for a couple of days. The game will immerse you into a whole other world where all you’ll want to do is level up and pickup newer cooler stuff. After a couple days you might finally realize that the game is pretty pointless and a waste of time; then promptly delete the game and re-shrink wrap it to be returned for a full refund from your local futureshop *cough*. Um, actually I liked this game quite a bit, both the single player and multiplayer versions are entertaining. I can’t really think of anything else I’d want to have put into this game, so thumbs up from me.

  • Dungeon Siege (PC)
  • by Crom & D4V
  • Published on May 1st, 2002
Dungeon Siege
Gas Powered Games / Microsoft
April 2002

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