Saturday Morning Cartoons

by Pamela Hruska

As the days/weeks/months/years/decades pass me by, I find that I have changed my interest in getting older. I remember thinking how great it would be to be able to do things that ‘big kids’ did. For those of you with older siblings, it stared you in the face…being forced into going to bed first, or never being allowed to watch the PG 13 rated movie the kids downstairs were watching. While I am still able to remember those frustrations of not being able to do things because of my young age, I now find myself reverting into longing for those days.

For with the frustrations came many blissful moments that I am afraid I might not have appreciated to their fullest. For the life of me, I cannot seem to reproduce the unbelievably contented feeling of waking up at 7 am on Saturday to watch my favorite cartoons. The cartoons no longer captivate me as they once did. It seems that I cannot whole-heartedly enjoy them as I once was able to. First of all, who after age 18 can make it out of bed on a Saturday at 7 am and be excited about doing anything? It seems to me the start time for weekends have been pushed back to noon. Anything before that is definitely hard on the body. The horrendous arthritic and bruising feeling of getting your limbs to move at that time is not worth any cartoon in the world!

Now if you were out Friday night drinking and doing all those glamorous things that an adult can now do, the Saturday start time is pushed back even further! However, here is the worst sign: If you are able to get up Saturday after drinking with minimal damages, but feel as if a truck has hit you on Sunday from the Friday drinking – oh oh! We have now hit middle ages where it might take up to three days to recover from one night of drinking. Here lies the fear factor…hitting middle age. Bills, mortgages, buying your own food, paying for the car and its gas and its upkeep, and…I don’t want to drive! Remember when your parents would drive you places? Wasn’t I a fool to be annoyed by always having to ask mom or dad to drive me. I should have been laughing it up! Too young for them to let me take the bus and not old enough to drive, I had it all… I had a personal chauffeur! When will I ever have that opportunity again?? (I guess when I am so old and decrepit that I have to rely on the handibus because I have squandered the millions I might have earned on the upkeep of re-fueling my car as a middle aged person!).

Anyway, as the snowball of adulthood issues face me, I wonder if I will ever regain that simplicity and magic of childhood. But, even to lapse into one of those wonderful childhood memories is an unparalleled feeling and I will maintain them for as long as my memory holds up! Here’s to the memory of your most fondest Saturday morning cartoon!

  • Saturday Morning Cartoons
  • by Pamela Hruska
  • Published on October 1st, 2001

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