R4NT Revenge

by Gordon McDowell

You still taking it? Still taking it from the man? Oh poor baby. Is the baby gonna cry? Cry baby, cry!

Or, perhaps instead of crying, how about a nice warm glass of REVENGE! That’s right, get it right here. We’ll show you when, we’ll show you how. Where? Oh we’ve got that covered too. The only thing we don’t tell you is who… because that is up… to you!

This month, R4NT Revenge explores a technique we refer to as “Rectal Gas Surprise”. Parse those words. Yes, you read that correctly.

“But I thought the ancient art of Rectal Gas Surprise vanished with Pompeii, under mystery and ash in 79 A.D.?”

Yes… that’s what many believed. The technique was thought lost by all but the R4NT brotherhood. It has been passed down from generation to generation in the form of music… sung by R4NT employees every morning before they begin their calisthenics and web content creation.

Until this day, the completion of R4NT’s 5th volume. Our secret is now yours.

Wipe up those tears. You needn’t shed them any more. For but a glass jar and some rubber hose, REVENGE IS AT HAND!

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  • R4NT Revenge
  • by Gordon McDowell
  • Published on February 1st, 2006

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