Why I wish I was back in School

by Gordon McDowell

Allow time for students to record their anti-drug videos. Monitor student progress and offer assistance as necessary. If students need to research background information, student resources are available on www.freevibe.com, including the student drug fact sheets, Lowdown About Marijuana and Lowdown About Inhalants. Show students two examples of Anti-drug Videos and talk about the approaches and style that are used in each.

Select a format:
  • Movie Archive
  • Windows Media
  • Quicktime

Have groups/students present their completed anti-drug videos to the rest of the class. Debrief after each presentation to discuss the style (of the song/video) and anti-drug approach(es) used, and any comments or suggestions observers may have. For fun, have students vote on their favorite two presentations.

Display videos around the school and/or have students present their videos to other classes.

Summarize by asking each student to share one thing he/she remembers from the presentations about inhalants or marijuana.

  • Why I wish I was back in School
  • by Gordon McDowell
  • Published on September 1st, 2005

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