Book Review: Simple Truths

by Adrian Bryksa

Upon this submission to R4NT, I wrestled with the cool factor of this review that I wrote. Since entries to R4NT are free in form and topic, at the very least, this might spark some discussion on the forum and at the most, make a positive impression in one of your lives. Either way, I decided to submit it anyway and leave you, the reader, to draw your own conclusions.

The book is called Simple Truths by Ray Nerburn. It?s not a new book or one that is burning down the best seller lists. Put simply, it is a guide to life written by an individual with a PHd in Theology and Art. Once you get passed its flowery and somewhat self help exterior, there is a masterpiece of guidance and understanding on some of the problems and issues that each person faces in their life.

The book is simply written and easy to understand. It effectively encourages continued education and embracing understanding and compassion. From readers ages 10-90, it is a wealth of advice and encouragement to explore the mysteries that make us human beings. From advice on working ‘choose a vocation, not a job’ or love ?you don?t choose it, it chooses you? and death, Nerburn demonstrates that life can be a rich and fulfilling experience depending upon the attitude of person who is experiencing it.

The tone taken with each topic is one of thoughtful experience, both in observation and reflection. Nerburn has encountered, witnessed and dealt with each issue and passes his experiences and back to the reader with a nuggets of knowledge that cannot be ignored. His goal with his writing is to inspire the people that read his works and to question the fabric that weaves the person we are. He wants his readers to succeed and share their dreams and aspirations through choosing a positive framework for their lives and sharing that framework with others. As I was reading each chapter, I found myself actually caring about his stories, and felt as if they were borrowed from the pages of my life. In talking to others that I have lent (given) the book to, they shared the same feeling which I think is remarkable for a book of 112 pages.

You may be asking yourself, why should I care? If you can?t find an answer to that question, then this book is not necessarily for you. If you are able to think of an answer or find yourself wanting dig deeper, then I recommend picking up Simple Truths and spending an hour or two with it. I often find myself going back to its words as a guide to help me make decisions and choices in my life. I think you will find an abundance of helpful guidance and perspective. I would also recommend this book as a gift to someone you care about. That is how it came into my possession, and is how it left it.

  • Book Review: Simple Truths
  • by Adrian Bryksa
  • Published on July 1st, 2005
Simple Truths / Kent Nerburn

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