Don’t Drink & Pork

by Gordon McDowell

June 6th 2004. Ah, the memories. Ronald Regan has just passed away. Atlantis has been discovered for the upteenth time. And in a little town of Calgary, Alberta all hell is breaking loose.

The Calgary Flames are competing with Tampa Bay Lightning for the Stanley Cup. Its so close Calgarians can taste it, and are ready to celebrate in an orgy of Stanley Cup lust. Beer is chugged. Boobs are flashed. But it could all end at any moment… those with lust in their hearts know they have to act fast.

Oh the heels of game 6, Richard prowls the streets of Calgary looking for Ms. Right, or at least… Ms. Right Now.

No non-alchoholic beverages were consumed during the production of this video.

Don't Drink & Pork

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  • Don’t Drink & Pork
  • by Gordon McDowell
  • Published on June 1st, 2005

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