OHM – Forget Who We Are

by Resistance Media

On behalf of our friends at Resistance Media we have the pleasure in delivering you links to a free MP3, as well as the video streams to OHM’s latest single, ‘Forget Who We Are’.

OHM spent much of last year touring – the highlight of which was playing to 30,000 in Germany and they’re now beginning their assault on the UK industry proper.

The video is being played on “The Amp”, it was “Video of the week” in the Times recently and it was featured on Apple.com last month (in other words the heart of corporate America online was showing a video of George Bush bombing the WTC – no mean feat for an unknown band from outside the country!). They are “Emerging artist of the month” on Yahoo, won “Independent Video of the Year” on video-c and are now being played on radio and TV around the world.

More press is coming in all the time, from places as far flung as New York and New Delhi and traffic and downloads from the band’s site, as well as from all the key P2P networks is going mental (20 a day downloads from kazaa and rising). Their policy of embracing P2P seems to be paying off spectacularly and the band will soon be able to play their first OHM party in London.

Praise for OHM has come from all quarters. David Sincalir was the first to pick up on the band, by reviewing their demos and calling them “brilliantly done”, Drowned in Sound said “Exquisite song writing, the politics of Rage Against the Machine and a unique sound”. IPropaganda Magazine in New York said recently “this guy isn’t joking, he really is changing the fucking world and we love it!” whilst the Times making it Video of the Week we think speaks for itself.

Video Stream

‘Forget Who We Are’ by OHM

Windows Media video stream

Real Media video stream

Free MP3 audio download

‘Forget Who We Are’ (radio edit) by OHM


Many thanks to ‘Resistance Media’ for supplying this special feature. For more information checkout www.savioursofpop.net

  • OHM – Forget Who We Are
  • by Resistance Media
  • Published on May 1st, 2004

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