Liberator Shapes: Wedge + Ramp Combo

by R4NT

I had the perfect plan: Candle light dinner, some Barry White and a glass of wine, followed with some sweet tender loving, but with a twist! What the hell is this?! Was the unfortunate reaction to my casual introduction to the huge Liberator “Ramp” lying on the bed. However after further inspection, followed by another glass of wine, the review of the Liberator Shapes had begun.

Liberator Wedge + Ramp

Watching in astonishment after being tossed on the floor, my partner was scurrying to rearrange the shapes; “Lets try this!!”, was then exclaimed with much excitement. To say the least, we put quite the stress test on this system. Originally, both of us were quite skeptical on how useful these shapes would be, but trust me you can’t even start to compare them to the best of pillows, you’d need at least 10 pillows and a blow torch to achieve the same effect.

I’m not about to spill the beans on how I deal with the ladies in the bedroom, however I can tell you these shapes sure broaden your sexual adventure capabilities. Even if you don’t have a copy of the Kama Sutra, Liberator Shapes gets you into the sack even faster by giving a full color manual showing off many exciting ideas and positions to be explored with the help of the Liberator Shapes. That’s sweat off my neck, cause the last thing I want to do is read detailed instructions on how to use my latest power tool.

Liberator Shapes: Product Shots
Product Shots

Exploring some of the detailed pictures on the Liberator Shapes website can give you a better of idea of some of the positions you can achieve. You can quickly make yourself feel like your hung like the black stallion, or get down on your woman for hours without torquing your neck and having to resort to a foot massage. You can easily adapt the shapes in combinations, since the velvet material actually creates a very strong bond to other Liberator Shapes (Wedge, Ramp, Cube or Stage). We had access to the Wedge and Ramp series, and got them into some great oral (!69!) and incredibly comfortable straight intercourse.

After the last drop of wine was drank, and all use of our voices were put to end we discovered one of the absolute best things about these accessories. No need to get out of bed and flip the sheets or find fresh towels to allow a comfortable (clean) night of sleep. We simply toss the shapes aside and unzip the outer shell and toss it in the wash. The foam is protected by a water resistant shell (under the velvet shell), and I imaging you could have some fun with the velvet off the shapes as well (hrmm).

Lastly, these products include great carrying/storage bags which allows for very discreet storage amongst your vast collection of StarWars figures or your roommates porn collection. Better yet, since these are just high quality foam shapes, why not add them to your living room furniture; they provide great back support while vidin’ out on your Playstation. Then again if you’re a wimp and don’t want your visitors wondering what the hell is in your living room, maybe invite them over to try ’em out with you. ;)

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  • Liberator Shapes: Wedge + Ramp Combo
  • by R4NT
  • Published on May 1st, 2003
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