Switchblade Comb

by Crom

The only downside of stealing cable is that you’re forced to see a lot of useless crap in-between anything that’s worthwhile to watch. By that I mean American news; and more importantly American stupidity. All over the news for the past week or so there’s been the case of the mother caught on tape beating her infant child. I’ve seen the clip in question and there’s no doubt in my mind that she was laying a whipping into the kid for no better reason other then he was being a baby. I don’t mean he was acting childish, he’s a freaking baby. All that this shows us is that the mother is neither psychologically capable of dealing with parenthood, and a bitch.

The more frightening aspect of the whole affair is the fact that she’s defending her actions. Under what pretense I’m not entirely sure of, but she’s adamant that she isn’t to blame. Hmmm… you aren’t to blame. Riiiiight. You aren’t to blame for beating the shit out of your own kid. So what, you tripped and hit him? You accidentally fell on him six or seven times? He had a bug on his head and you were trying to get it off? This woman makes me sick. Because there’s no doubt in my mind she’ll try to get her kid back. Only no one wants her to have it. Frankly, she shouldn’t get that kid back, and any more kids she has should be confiscated from her.

I forgive a lot of shit in this world, but that is almost the lowest you can get to. There’s a minority that believes that after counseling she should be allowed to have her baby back. Hopefully these people were questioned about it while intoxicated, and thought it would be funny. It wasn’t, but hey, they’re drunk. If not, then you’re just stupid. Frankly I think it’s a one time deal here, one shot. If you can’t hack it to the point where you let your kid die, or beat him, or abuse him in any fashion, then you’re out of the game. It’s obvious that you’re a fuck up and don’t deserve the trust of the majority in taking care of another human being. Maybe I’m being harsh, but there’s a big difference between stealing something and realizing the error of your ways, and wailing on your kid.

About 4 or 5 months ago a case started here in Calgary, about a woman who’d thrown one kid in the bow river and let another kid starve to death while she went and got all stoned with her new boyfriend. And, to be honest folks, I think we should leave her in the desert. Or at the very least, Drumhellar. Fighting another person and beating their ass is not to swift, but hey, you’re maladjusted. You had an argument , or something, I can see that. But fucking up a kid who can’t even feed him or her self, let alone do anything really wrong, is fucking weak. They’re starting to get on par with rapists in my book. People who irreparably damage another person physically and mentally and they should get it bad. Maybe we should start screening people for children licenses, psych profiles and such. Perhaps that’s a bit Orwellian, but the results of our current system seem to lead down the “vicious cycle” highway, onto “repetitive behavior” boulevard.

It’s a documented fact that someone who’s abusing someone else, was most likely abused themselves. Hence the concept of repetitive behavior, perhaps those demons need to be exorcised prior to having children. Of course that leads us down a path that I know everyone loves to go down: Planned Parenthood. A lot of these young upstarts who end up in the news, are generally people to stupid to use a proper form of birth control, and end having a kid while being unemployed and addicted to heroin. People always sigh and say “well, they’re down on their luck”. Fuck That. You know its shitty being on the H, I agree, but frankly if your life is fucked up you gotta keep it real. You gotta step up. Pull your shit together and risk life and limb. Otherwise you’re just another shadow on the wall, which will eventually fade. I’m not trying to be some boogieman, some cretin who thinks we should just give up on people and leave them to rot. But. Yes, I introduce the offensive “but”, the resources are in place to get it together. There’s people to help, AA, AADAC, Kids help phone… you name it. If you’re too weak, and too lazy to take the pain and get up and start whipping some ass, then I have no sympathy for you.

I live everyday with the crushing weight of depression. Not the “I don’t have a rolls yet, I missed the new blink 182 release party, my dog is sick, and I wish I lived in Victoria” depression. I mean the kind that sucks the will to live out of you. Where you have to physically fight your way out of bed in the morning because your mind can’t possibly justify getting up, or to even open your eyes. Everyday I play the game, everyday I bring my skills. I got J. Despite the fact that I’m constantly in a contest of wills with myself I make it happen. So if your life is fucked up, and nothing’s going your way and you feel that it’s your prerogative to beat down your kids, you got another thing coming. Life is pain, anyone who says anything else is trying to sell something. We’re judged on how we live in that pain, and I for one am not going out like a sucker.

  • Switchblade Comb
  • by Crom
  • Published on October 1st, 2002

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