The Future of gaming

by David Gluzman

Games of the past decade are completely and utterly passé. I’m not saying that the games of my youth were bad, I’m just stating that games will never be the same as they once were.

Online gaming. Everyone’s heard of it, and any geek is part of it. Yet we have only started to scratch the surface of heroin ware games. Sure there are millions of online game addicts all over the world, but with the serge of broadband yet to really take over the USA or the rest of the world is yet to be realized. Prepare for the billions that will be united online to do anything (mostly recreation).

The future of online gaming will be completely different as we see now. The current state of online games is stagnant and boring as hell. Killing 50 or so people in a random arena, or clicking to death an opponent in a RPG is just pathetic. *Yawn* I don’t have the time or energy to devote building up skills (character stats) in different games. I want one character to be playable in each and every online game out there.

Imagine having an identical online identity in every single game that is played online. So Jon Smith from 999 55st SW Calgary Alberta Canada, can have 1 id that continually builds and grows with the physical person throughout any game he plays. For example: Someone has played Everquest since it’s conception, and wants to tryout a new game in the same gendra. Rather than having to build up a new character (which would take hours of dedication), he can just take his online id (which follows him everywhere in the online gaming world), and start up with similar stats (if he so desires), thusly jumping into the game at full speed. Working the other way around, an RPG player wants to get into a shooter type of game, you can take his RPG style of character and apply potiential attributes to a certain “Military” type of character (ie, sniper, commando, etc). The potential for extreme diversification is endless.

The other side to this future online blurb is the idea that you can have a more realistic online presence on the Net period. Play a game, meet someone, stay his friend easier by having the ability to run into this same person in any game you play. And we can even take this idea out of the gaming world if we ever start to take shopping or chilling out on the net (chatting) to a higher level. Virtual meetings and online dating could be enhanced dramatically if one so desired (get your mind outta the gutter).

Another cross over that I’m sure we’re going to start seeing very soon is the crossing of consoles and PCs. Imagine being able to play the same game online regardless of platform. Halo on a couple Xbox’s meeting more players online playing on their Mac or PC. Cool stuff, but the only problem is publishers being anal about releasing their games on multiple platforms. Just look at GTA3, god that took forever to come out on PC, and most likely will not go to any other console till the game is old and tired (which it already is).

If globalization is to ever come to light it will happen online, and I’m sure that gaming will have a lot to do with it (the minute all the old people get out of power).

  • The Future of gaming
  • by David Gluzman
  • Published on August 1st, 2002

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