Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast (PC)

by Crom & D4V

D4V: Being a huge StarWars fan for many a year, I greatly anticipated trying out my own personal light-saber. Thusly picking up a copy of the latest from Lucasarts was in order. From install to uninstall please read on to find out more about this 1st person shooter with a twist.

Crom: Now, D4V and a lot of people will tell you that the single player licks, but really it gets better then the first impression from the first levels. Although it seems to be built on the old Rogue Squadron engine circa 1998, the game does get a lot more interesting once you regain your Jedi powers and start to battle your way through the levels as a true Jedi mofo. The fast paced action and intelligent AI that you battle saber to saber with makes the game thrilling and fun. And besides, you can use the Force, and throw people around.

D4V: I forgot to mention that Lucasarts hired Raven Software to make this game (using the Q3 engine), thusly I was hoping for a kick ass game (see Solder of Fortune). Let me get something straight, PLOT SUCKS, yes that’s right, I don’t care how great the story is; I just plainly don’t care. JKII has a huge storyline that I didn’t have the patience to listen or work around. After figuring out that you didn’t get to do any cool stuff until the later levels, I immediately started using cheat codes. I couldn’t stand all the waiting around trying to figure out lame ass puzzles to progress in a game that should have been all about busting caps.

Crom: The puzzle factor is annoying, and follows the Lucasarts trend: you have to be a Mensa member to figure them out. Several times I discovered I had missed the opportunity to do whatever was needed and had to restart the level, which is retarded in ANY game. Now I love Star Wars, so the story was interesting to me, and in fact interesting in general, as it catalogues the post-imperial life of the Republic. This game will be popular mostly cuz of the multiplayer saber fights, but if you decide to get this game, do yourself the favor of sticking out the single player part, it’s almost a different world from the multiplayer. Good graphics and Engaging features, Jedi II: Jedi Outcast was a pretty fun game.

D4V: I only played this game for the multiplayer, and I must say this game is worth it for that alone. Being able to have Deathmatch rounds with Sabers only just plain kicks ass. All the controls take a while to get used to (see Jedi Forces). After some practice you’ll be pushing, pulling, speeding, grabbing, healing and whatnot in no time. So if you can deal with the “Myst” style puzzles in the single player, pick this one up. Then again if you are like me, I’d rather play solitaire that playing this game alone. Now pardon me, I must go uninstall this game (ask me about it later).

  • Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast (PC)
  • by Crom & D4V
  • Published on April 1st, 2002
Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast
March 2002

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