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    • Gear Up For Winter

      by Ian Harding

      With only a short amount of time left before winter officially hits, snow enthusiast have already begun their hunt for this year’s latest and greatest equipment and accessories. Skiers and boarders alike have their eyes fixed on the newest equipment made available by their favourite brands, but with so many new styles available, how are we all to choose?

    • Mario Hoops 3 on 3

      by Mike Morier

      Who knew that the Shyguy was such a baller? Bad enough that he and his ilk will show you up time and time again on the race track, but now you’ll have to suffer the indignity of having him score on you from half-court. If you can handle that, than this may be the game for you.

    • The Departed

      by Pamela Hruska

      This film laid down some new classics for the male population to memorize, recite and cherish for decades to come. The Departed is going to be one of those. It’s outstanding. Its cast is big, its plot is big, its impact, truly, is big.

    • Gifts that Click: Holiday Preview

      by MaxPower

      Here we are in the prime of the “holiday creep” which occurs when one season ends and the marketing for the next season begins. Back to school has passed and since Halloween is a minor non-gift related holiday all of the product suppliers and retailers are gearing up for Christmas.

    • Date Movies: Beerfest vs Amanda

      by Gordon McDowell

      It’s like asking a man to clean a toilet, or crap out a baby. Sure, with superhuman effort, just about anything is possible. But is it really worth all the extra work? Wouldn’t it be easier to just hand the scrub brush to someone better suited for the task?

    • Autumn Musical Gems

      by Jon Freer

      Stereotyp “Keepin’ Me”, “Mr. Scruff’s Big Chill Classics”, “The Big Chill 2006”, “Deep, Down & Discofied” and Kraak & Smaak’s “Boogie Angst”. All these longplayers are highly recommended and should be available in your local record store or favourite online music vending outlet shortly.

    • Are Wii Experiencing A PS3 360?

      by MaxPower

      Now luxury items have a place in the market. If they didn’t there wouldn’t be Ferraris or Prada or Gucci. However, it is very hard to establish the type of brand value to be seen as a luxury good.

    • Date Movies: United 93 vs Hard Candy

      by Gordon McDowell

      I’ll never be able to seduce EVERY woman on the planet. There’ll always be that one, rickety old senior who insists on taking it slow… something neither I (nor she) have time for.

    • Mission Impossible 3

      by Carolyn Petit

      …there’s plenty of generic but very engaging spy action in Mission: Impossible III. And Shanghai looks amazing.

    • The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

      by MaxPower

      I won’t go on to catalogue the reasons why I think this game is one of the best I have played to date. No, I will focus on constructive criticism on the parts of the game that could be improved.

    • Book Review: Stop Working

      by Adrian Bryksa

      So, what would you do if you didn’t have to work? Most people I talk to say that they wouldn’t know what to do with themselves. This is the challenge that Derek Foster puts to the readers of his book Stop Working: Here’s How You Can.

    • iPod v5

      by Ian Harding

      When it comes to expensive electronics, believe me, I treat them as if I gave birth to them. So when I squinted at the pristine surface glare from the white object encased within, I knew I had a task ahead of me.

    • Holiday Loungers in Style

      by David Gluzman

      It’s quiet. Time to put on some tunes than everyone can enjoy, and I don’t mean ‘Jingle bells’ or anything remotely jingly. I’m talking about some solid lounge.

    • Jarhead

      by Ian Harding

      No one man tries to be the hero and as Operation Desert Shield turns into Desert Storm, the film does a good job of portraying the events that took place in the sand-ridden planes of heat and sweat.

    • X’05 – The Canadian Preview of the Xbox 360

      by MaxPower

      I walked up on a guy playing Peter Jackson’s King Kong and in all honesty I thought he was chatting with a rep while a cut scene was going on as the graphics were so clear.

    • Age of Empires III

      by MaxPower

      The colonial setting and the ability to fight over North and South America makes for interesting situations, but the fact that they just kind of lumped Canada in with the greater U.S. areas like “The Rockies” kind of miffed me.

    • Air Canada: A Review

      by MaxPower

      Anyone who has followed R4NT for a while will know that I keep close tabs on the operations of Air Canada. Generally speaking my opinion has not been complimentary…

    • Apple Mighty Mouse

      by TDJ

      …In other words, my hand feels sore if I’m working the mouse regularly, which makes it useless for any serious computer user.

    • The 40 Year old Virgin

      by Carolyn Petit

      Andy Stitzer, played brilliantly by Steve Carell, the movie gives us a guy who has understandable reasons for ending up where he is; a sweet, charming, funny, vaguely sad guy we can’t help but root for.

    • Weekend Visit to Ikea

      by Beauty

      My husband and I fall into the DINK category: Dual Incomes No Kids. On a recent long weekend, we decided to brave the traffic and drive to the nearest IKEA in Etobicoke.

    • War of the Worlds

      by Carolyn Petit

      It’s clear that Spielberg was operating on a post-September-11th level here, and in this film he is brilliant at composing images that are suggestive of not only the destruction of that day..

    • Crazy Hot New Music

      by David Gluzman

      Much like our past features, such as “Mad Fast Reviews” I’m going to quickly attempted to brainwash you out of the mainstream tar pits and into the world of dope, hot, buzzin’ new beats.

    • Batman Begins

      by Carolyn Petit

      Do we really have any free will, or do we just act out the byproducts of the genetic code we’ve inherited as it’s filtered through a lens of childhood traumas and incoming stimuli?

    • Book Review: Simple Truths

      by Adrian Bryksa

      It’s not a new book or one that is burning down the best seller lists. Put simply, it is a guide to life written by an individual with a PHd in Theology and Art.

    • JVC GR-HD1 Review

      by Gordon McDowell

      I would suspect they are created during MPEG-2 compression, due to an insufficient bitrate. I can actually hear the camera change speed when playing back DV footage, compared to SD and HD footage.

    • Nike Shox Shoes

      by Ian Harding

      I’ve heard the rumors that Nike shoes actually create injury, I was still at a point of desperation when it came to getting some new running shoes, so I was willing to find out.

    • Sony PSP

      by Dijita

      Personally I was excited to get my hands on the new Sony PSP. So on March 24th I was like a little kid opening up the box of my brand new Sony PSP. Was it worth it?

    • Kensington Expert Mouse

      by David Gluzman

      Everyone I know is jumping on the ergonomics bandwagon. Since the working population finds themselves sitting at a computer for the better part of the week one can get a bit sore or even injured.

    • How to spend your money at the movies this year

      by Beauty

      Summer is just around the corner, and that means the theaters will be flooded. The studios will take advantage of the nice weather and people’s summer vacation schedules to release the best films of 2005.

    • Knights of the Old Republic II

      by MaxPower

      Well maybe you are perpetuating that guy’s ability to live a life of “weakness”, perhaps he would have been better off getting a little beating to teach him a lesson. Maybe you should administer the beating.

    • Archos Gmini 400

      by David Gluzman

      We’re talking serious convergence plus excellent build quality, and outstanding functionality. After the initial learning curve, you will be up and running within minutes of powering the unit on.

    • nik Color Efex Pro 2.0

      by David Gluzman

      The professional tool of choice is obviously Adobe Photoshop, which in turn has an endless amount of tools for tweaking and adjusting imagery. But sometimes the included tools just aren’t enough..

    • Syberia II

      by Beauty

      I’ve kept a special place in my heart for good old-fashioned adventure games. Finally I had the opportunity to play one of these games on the Xbox when Syberia II was released, and it is sure to appeal to fans of the genre.

    • World of Warcraft

      by Dijita

      The nice thing is that it is set up in such a way that you do not NEED to put in hour long Marathons to actually progress in the game.

    • Logitech Trackman

      by Ian Harding

      This pain is the result of years of repetitive motions and is something that I will have to physically change part of my life to heal.

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