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    • R4NT Radio August 2009

      by David Gluzman

      R4NT Radio August 2009 dammit summers over edition, featuring: Love Gernades, Hipp-e, Aaron Jerome, The Disco Builders, Two Fingers, Saukrates, Asheru, Juice Aleem, Flowering Inferno, Speech Debelle, Geggy Tah and Trentmøller.

    • Rosemount Estate Show Reserve Shiraz

      by Adrian Bryksa

      For this months review, I thought it was time to visit my cellar again. When I buy wine to cellar, I usually purchase it with an event in mind. It is a on the rare occasion that pull something out of the cellar to drink on my own and that’s what happened here.

    • Comedy of Allyson Smith

      by Gordon McDowell

      The performance was hilarious each time, but also tuned to different levels of filthiness. Sadly, Allyson’s “It goes to eleven” moments can’t be represented on YouTube, lest the Internet’s pristine reputation become sullied.

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