Wreckless (Xbox)

by Crom & D4V

D4V: Once again we’ve fallen easy pray to a game with huge hype and crazy techno music. A few months back when I first scoped out the scene on this game, I thought it looked like yet another version of GTA3, except all you did was ram stuff with you car. Cool premise in theory but extremely badly executed.

Crom: The hype surrounding Wreckless was immense. It lead you to believe that this game was in face the incarnation of Christ. And, all of the things said about it, backed up that premise. They talked about smashing stuff with your cars, running over people, blasting through buildings and using the sky as a short cut. Too bad they forgot to mention that it would suck. A lot.

D4V: I had never experienced the “in-game” frustration that Wreckless had brought upon us. For example, the very first missions all you have to do is ram a couple cars and blow them up. Sounds easy enough in theory, yet it was so f’ing retarded to inflict damage onto the AI. Also, you couldn’t shortcut very often, and the maps seemed to have been hacked together by a drunken monkey.

Crom: The game definitely felt like it was slammed together 4 hours before it was shipped, the only thing “Wreckless” was the game play. The missions were border line impossible and required at least an hour of planning before they could be properly executed, and when you did, it was with Navy SEAL like precision. The constant traffic going the wrong way, and people swerving INTO your path, made the game SUPER frustrating to play. This coupled with the techno music that was designed to attack certain endorphin centers of your brain and make you into a fucking animal didn’t make this a fun ride. The biggest joke is that their name means “No wreck” , see? Wreck-LESS. DUH.

D4V: Besides the fact that the game was 99% bad (as in sucked), it did have some shinning moments. The graphics for this game where really impressive, and the damage engine looked cool (ie: the car falls apart nicely). Other than that, being able to drive the Delorian from back to the future was neat, and so was the Monster Truck. Both however had their down points; you didn’t go back to the future, and you couldn’t run over cars. In other words this game gets a failing grade from me.

Crom: The horrifying story line was indicative of bad planning and the Japanimation style graphics always left me worrying that Fist of the North Star characters would show up in a Asuna sunrunner. I don’t understand the obsession with that type of animation, but it’s getting out of control, and it did nothing for the game. The annoying character voices that so closely resembled a anime movie almost pushed me over the edge, and the lack of story I earlier mentioned always made you asked “Why the hell are we doing this?” Perhaps if Marty Mcfly had been in the game, things would’ve looked better for Funless.

  • Wreckless (Xbox)
  • by Crom & D4V
  • Published on March 1st, 2002
Wreckless - The Yakuza Missions
February 2002

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