SSX Tricky (Xbox)

by Crom & D4V

Crom: Having played our one Xbox game to death, a fresh one was needed. In the boredom of a Sunday night, we needed something fun, we needed something…tricky. And, we set sail for the nearest Buckluster, and picked up SSX Tricky, snowboarders delight. A crazy mix of big airs, cool tricks, and bad music.

D4V: Ah yes, big airs for sure, no music in our case cause we turned it off first thing. Having never played the first SSX, I didn’t know quite what to expect. Yay, another snowboarding game *yawn*, but actually I was really impressed with this game. It brought in a new part of snowboarding that I’d yet to see played out in a video game, fighting and uber tricks.

Crom: The fighting was kind of funny, since once you knocked down a fellow boarder, you were rewarded with big power boosts. Aside from its deviant behavior, the game had some really awesome facets. The crazy tricks, combined with your ability to never use the normal course, blended together into a taster’s choice of messed up 1080 nosebleeds, double late back flips and huge rail slides. Massive point gains and masterful short cuts made the replayability that much stronger.

D4V: I’d have to agree, the replayability in this game is awesome. The maps are freaking massive, and exploring them to their entirety would take forever. My only complaint was that on some maps we encountered the dreaded PS2 effect, in which this port (from the PS2) would bug out. In other words you’d be cruising along and BAM you crash for no reason. That was really annoying, however the game was still incredibly fun. So fun that we had to finish the game (with one character), before returning it to Buckluster.

Crom: Yes, this game was addictive, despite being shutdown hard on certain levels, I would throw down the controller and vow to never play again…and be back in 5 minutes. The PS2 effect was frustrating, since it lead to big races being fuqed up at critical points. But, it only asserted itself on rare occasions, so it was easy to ignore. Super quick load times and slick graphics made SSX a fun title to play. I can’t reiterate enough how sick the airs were (at one point D4V managed to launch his character straight up for 30 seconds) and how crazy the tricks were. Game play was solid, with simple control combo’s in order to execute the big tricks. I really like SSX Tricky, and recommend you get it for a solid 3 days (you’ll need them).

D4V: All I have to say, is that the game is 100% fun, and most likely worth buying. Don’t expect another Tony Hawk on snow/ice, this game is quite original and addictive. However, someone told me they found it more fun that GTA3, and I’m sorry GTA3 still takes the cake. God I wish they’d hurry up and port that to Xbox or PC already.

  • SSX Tricky (Xbox)
  • by Crom & D4V
  • Published on February 1st, 2002
SSX Tricky
Electronic Arts
December 2001

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