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by Crom

The judicial system of North America is a deflated tire, on a broken down buick. Rusty doors and broken off side mirrors, complimented by a fat, lazy, stupid, on the take, son of a bitch driving it. Its destination is clearly marked on the map resting on the dashboard. Hell, in a hand basket. Lady Justice is blind, but evidently can smell money from a knight’s fee. The scales are tipped in the favor of gold, and we the people are left in the dust. We’ve managed to avoid the plague for a long time up in Canada, but more and more the symptoms are showing up here. We place such a high value on our freedom and justice, never bothering to ask who the custodians of these priceless artifacts are. The sad answer is that no one is tending the light at the end of the tunnel, there is no benevolent force working for us.

I was standing in the elevator at work, and like most people I was watching the tiny news monitors they have installed in the elevator. Flashing across the screen were various news highlights, most of which I paid little attention to. Until they came across the one about an obese man suing the 4 largest fast food franchises in the USA for making him fat. I was literally speechless. Never in my life had I seen such a total denial of self-responsibility, nor a shameless waste of the people’s time and money. Worse though, is the thought that a relatively good lawyer could actually win something like that. Setting the precedent for every glutton to rob us of our tax money so he/she can liposuction the fat from their gigantic, irresponsible and stupid asses. This is one kind of parasite that is affecting the system right now. The sycophants: money-grubbing jackasses too infantile or too scared to admit that they are to blame for what they are.

Even more frustrating are the ones who society deems above the law. Martha Stewart, I hope you go to the can for a long time. If you haven’t heard of the insider trading fiasco that she and her broker perpetrated then you aren’t reading this, since you live in a cave. This “rock star” type immunity to the law makes me sick. If any normal person had the kind of evidence against them she does, they’d be cooling their heels in a 7×7 foot, grey-green metal cage on the 4th floor of some 100 year old penitentiary, with damp, stinking walls and a wooden plank for a bed. Oh this is nothing new, money always buys freedom, but this is probably one of the most obvious criminal moves that has gone unpunished. This will be held up in court forever, then she’ll have to repay the money and she’ll walk away, back to her garden and puffy dog; back into the comfortable chair. All we can hope for is a clever sniper, or a judge from 1914 who’s still alive.

We might as well light the Constitution and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms on fire. And, since we’re making such a fantastic effort to completely fuck the little people, we might as well go back in time and stop the Magna Carta from being signed. We should herd everyone into pens and set them to work manufacturing material goods for the upper crust, that flaky 2% of the population with enough money and power to not care what goes on. The problem is that we’re to blame. It’s our faults. We brought up Suzy and Johnny with the ideals of the free world; get the cash, the four car garage and picket fence. Only Suzie and Big J have realized that you can’t win the cash prizes unless you work your ass off, or step on someone else’s face. Work hard? Hah, don’t make them laugh. You never made them work, so why should they? Never taking responsibility for their actions, never needing to think about what happens to any but themselves. Forget to clear your walk this winter? Whoops, I slipped, now your kids can’t go to university.

Cause and Effect ladies and gentlemen, the basis of all functions in the universe. Effect: No one’s responsible for their own fate. So they can blame someone else, and get the bread and circuses. Cause: We don’t teach the responsibility of self. We assume that every little boy and girl inherently knows how to treat their fellows. And, when we’re proven wrong, because Johnny just bashed in Billy’s teeth, we don’t punish him, we have no conditioned response for Johnny, and so it’s okay that he got Billy’s fruit rollup.

Sometimes I wonder why I even bother anymore. What’s to keep me from doing the same thing? I could eat a lot and sue someone, why not? Well, for those who know me, the answer is obvious. That would be untrue to who I am. I believe in the responsibility of self, I’ve never let someone else take the blame. I’ve never lied about my actions, and I’ll be damned if I step on someone else to get my way. I’ll keep trying to make this world a better place, and I hope that everyone who feels the way I do tries as well. Still, we could all use a vacation…

Keepin’ it real, On the Concrete and Steel.

  • Insider Trader Living
  • by Crom
  • Published on September 1st, 2002

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