R4NT vs Ours To Destroy

by Gordon McDowell

Interview and live performance captured 2007-12-03. Ours To Destroy consists of Steve Dodd, Eric Ewin, Roland Griffith and David Morely. Camerawork was performed by D4V, Gord and multiple beer.

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Ours To Destroy Steve Dodd David Morely Roland Griffith Eric Ewin Ours To Destroy
Ours To Destroy Steve
Ours To Destroy Playlist
Gord If you had to categorize Ours to Destroy, what would you file it under? Ours To Destroy
Eric Ewin We’re anarchist-folk-rock. This is stated clearly on our website.
If you like punk, if you like weird sounds…
Eric Ewin
Gord I’m sorry, there is no “anarchist-folk-rock” in this filing cabinet.
Did I ask you for a set of tags?
Ours To Destroy Equipment
Eric Ewin File it under… music. Eric Ewin
Gord What are your biggest influences? Gord
Roland Griffith Archbishop of Canterbury. Roland Griffith
Ours To Destroy And? Ours To Destroy
Roland Griffith The pope! Roland Griffith
Gord And anyone besides Roland? Gord
Roland Griffith I’d like to look like Sting. He was voted worst lyricist
by Blender Magazine. Beating Neil Peart.
Roland Griffith
Steve Dodd I’m kind of… I’m ok with Sting. Steve Dodd
Roland Griffith Sting on his own… not with The Police. Roland Griffith
Steve Dodd Oh! Ok. I’ll agree to that. Neil Peart… worst lyricist! I feel somewhat
vindicated because I’ve always hated Rush for their lyrics.
Steve Dodd
Steve Dodd And… not for their fans. Steve Dodd
Steve Dodd [Silence] Steve Dodd
Steve Dodd But sort of… for their fans. Steve Dodd
Roland Griffith Sting does Tantric yoga.
[Roland wanders off]
Roland Griffith
Gord Damo… are you as angry as you look? steve eric david
David Morely More morose than angry. Cynicism is an artform. David Morely
Steve Dodd We’re all Canadian boys who haven’t grown up under a tremendous amount
of duress, so I don’t know how much we have to be angry about.
Steve Dodd
This image represents poverty, even if it doesn't How about the soul crushing poverty that comes with being a musician? Can't afford new shoes... soul crushing poverty
David Morely Fortunately, with the exception of Mr Dodd, music is not the
day job that pays the bills otherwise I’d be eating Kraft
Dinner and living in a box under Center street bridge.
David Morely
Ours To Destroy So how does a typical OTD track get made? Ours To Destroy
David Morely The writing process has evolved over time. The newer stuff we’re working on for
the next album is a ‘work on it as a band’ type thing. Go over and over it until we
all figure out something cool to play or until Eric tires of it four hours later.
David Morely
Eric Ewin Remembering the FTP passwords is the hardest part. Eric Ewin
Steve Dodd Damo creates vocals and strumming, what he calls “rough stuff”.
I’m the part adder and part taker awayer.
Steve Dodd
David Morely The guy who fucks it all up.
[Roland wanders back]
David Morely
Steve Dodd Yeah I’m that guy. Hurt and help equal parts. I’m not a lyricist, Damo is. Steve Dodd
Gord You add tracks and layers? Steve
Steve Dodd Yes. Sometimes I’d fire off an idea to Damo to start,
but I never initiated anything by putting a
mic in front of my face and start recording lyrics.
Steve Dodd
Roland Griffith I was watching wrestling. Roland Griffith
Gord So “Fifty Steps Closer to Evil”? David Morely
David Morely It started with 30 steps and we realized we needed 20 more. David Morely
Eric Ewin I submitted an idea called “12 Steps”… it was more of a program. Eric Ewin
Steve Dodd We were gonna write that song as soon as Eric got to step 2. Steve Dodd
Eric Ewin [Steve] Dodd is weird on the inside. He’ll take one on Damo’s beautiful
melodic folk songs and put context around it that you’d never imagine.
Eric Ewin
Gord Like Prairies? With the hey-I’m-high-now audio? Ours To Destroy
Steve Dodd This band makes better use of technology any any group I’ve played with. There
were a number of nights Damo kind of remembers… An entire song would spring
from a conversation… we had Apologies to Fat Elvis done in about 15 minutes.
Steve Dodd
David Morely But that was a punk rip off. David Morely
Steve Dodd But if you spend too long on punk, you’re Pink Floyd or something. Steve Dodd
Eric Ewin It took longer to perform it than it did to write it. Eric Ewin
Steve Dodd Technology makes is possible, everyone is writing albums in their home now.
For better and for worse. If you’re sitting around talking about it,
in 30 seconds you could be doing it.
Steve Dodd
David Morely Ask Eric how long he’s been playing bass for. David Morely
Eric Ewin Since September. I play guitar. [Steve] Dodd and I introduced me to guitar when we worked at McDonalds together 20 years ago. He took me to a music store and
banged out a couple chords on a baby blue Yamaha guitar. That was it, I was sold.
Eric Ewin
Gord [Eric] Are you a musician full time? Gord
Eric Ewin No! No… no. God no… We should probably set up. Eric Ewin
Gord No. Roland has to say something. Gord Eye
Roland Griffith I need to load my gear. Roland Griffith
play guitar hand backlit Interview Corner look over there... yeah bitch, I just got all this on camera now GIVE ME MONEY insert into ass if i move my hands fast they blur, what can your hands do? mic Broken City - The Venue of Champions... or at least less tacky than Flames Central

  • R4NT vs Ours To Destroy
  • by Gordon McDowell
  • Published on July 5th, 2008

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