Progression Sessions 9

by The Good Looking Organisation

Progression Sessions 9

The ‘Progression Sessions’ compilation series is the seminal sound of Good Looking Records and the latest installment, recorded live from Space Lab Yellow in Tokyo, is an absolute gem. Mixed by Good Looking’s man of the moment, Makoto and accompanied by the sweet soulful voice of GLO’s first lady MC, Deeizm, you can’t help but dig this. Progression Sessions 9 is released in the UK on October 13th, in Germany on October 20th and in USA on November 4th, but we have picked out three of the eleven superb tracks that you are welcome to feature at for your readers to enjoy. We are pleased to be able to offer, at no cost to you, the track ‘Joy’ as an MP3 download with the corresponding video for media streaming. In addition, the tracks ‘Planet Saturn’ and ‘I Feel It’ are available for audio streaming and not many ears have had this pleasure yet! Whether you sit down or get down to this, you’re gonna’ love it.

Audio Streams:

Joy – By Makato (Featuring Deeizm)

This can only be described as a feel good track that takes you on a journey of musical bliss. As the track builds with a beautiful horns sample, it is clear that this is soulful drum and bass from the heart, pulling from all those styles that have had a heavy influence on Makoto – Marvin Gaye, Leroy Hutson and many other 70’s funk and soul stars. The original mix of ‘Joy’ is uniquely beautiful, but this version has the added bonus of the silky, smooth vocals from GLO’s only female MC, Deeizm. Her complementary lyrics are the icing on the cake; just listen to the crowd…listen to the joy. ‘Joy’ will also be available on a forthcoming EP,(Cat no. GLREP20).

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I Feel It – By Ed Gee & Vice Versa

Another soulful drum and bass masterpiece, hand picked by Makoto to suit his own personal style. Whilst the track is sweet and sublime, Ed Gee and Vice Versa have also included some deep, old school analogue stabs, which unobtrusively frequent the track until the perfectly timed breakdown begins. And what a breakdown. Wicked looped vocals build with the synths until it all kicks back in, again with the unique vocal layers from Deeizm. You’re going to be feeling this for sure…

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Planet Saturn – By Drumsound & Simon Bassline Smith

On every good album, there are one or two tracks that slow the tempo, still the heartbeat and relax the soul a little. On Progression Sessions 9, ‘Planet Saturn’ is that track. Featuring a smooth, steady beat and a beautiful, haunting sounding piano and horns sample, this track reaches its climax with the introduction of a ghostly, whispered vocal loop that completes the overall sound superbly. Simply stunning… and available to you lucky people on October 27th. (Cat no. GLR062)

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Video Stream:

Joy – By Makato (Featuring Deeizm) – Live @ Space Lab Yellow, Tokyo.

Now you’ve heard the track, it’s time to look at the effects of it on the floor. This unique video, shot at Space Lab Yellow in Tokyo, shows Makoto on the decks, Deeizm on the mic and the crowd on the floor. You’re going to wish you’d been there…

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Label info:

Good Looking Organisation (GLO), home of Good Looking Records founded over 10 years ago by Drum’ n’ Bass pioneer LTJ Bukem, is one of the UK’s leading independent record companies. With its roots stemming from the underground UK music scene, Good Looking has remained one of the Industry’s best kept secrets, whilst gaining high acclaim worldwide from those “in the know”. The Good Looking trademark is a brand synonymous with unique quality and dedication to a musical vision. Year on year, GLO consistently releases high quality, electronic, emotive music though its flagship label (GLR) and its sister labels.

  • Progression Sessions 9
  • by The Good Looking Organisation
  • Published on October 1st, 2003

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