Can’t Think

by David Gluzman

I don’t have much to say this month it seems, or maybe I have too many topics to choose from inside my head. All and all I’ve just been retarded busy the past couple of weeks, and haven’t had the energy to muster anything intelligent to write.

At first I thought I’d write about my opinions on traffic lights. I had this great idea how I was going to demonstrate why traffic lights are a flawed mechanism and should be changed to traffic circles (like in Europe). This thought came by after I was driving thru downtown Calgary and witnessed a select handful of cars being able to turn in heavy traffic during one green light session. I’ve always wondered why traffic circles never really took off in North America, they seem to work great in Europe. Are we just all too cocky to adapt a commonly used European technique? Or would there just be mass confusion among drivers here? Either way, I didn’t feel like indulging on this as a topic this month.

Later on that week I thought I might write about how I get frustrated trying to publish this magazine. Don’t get me wrong, I love putting together (with your help) r4nt every month, but sometimes it’s just super frustrating. I hate asking people to write for the magazine, then again if I don’t ask people there’d be nothing to read except my mindless drivel. That’s all I could really think of, and thus this too was rejected as subject material for my article.

The rest of that week I was too busy to even think about writing anything, so let’s fast forward to present day. It is currently August 31, 2001 and I am trying to write something. So far this doesn’t seem all that exciting, but I didn’t really have much of a plan to begin with. Where is this article going? Is the reader bored? Do I care? Do you? Maybe I’ll write about that time when…. Naw. Maybe.. hmm.. no good.

Mindless drivel.

  • Can’t Think
  • by David Gluzman
  • Published on September 1st, 2001

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