Friends don’t let friends buy brand name computers

by David Gluzman

Brand name computers suck.

Actually, brand name computers are good for two kinda people, newbies, and old people. Everyone else, really what the heck are you doing? Have you watched too much TV and heard too much fast techno music promoting a shitty ass brand name computer? Probably.

I remember watching some bad TV during Christmas time, in particular a DELL commerical. Now I guess everyone goes a little overkill during the holiday season with advertisements, but come on, their campaign was just awful. All I remember was this tall lanky dork with a santa hat on his head talking about how great DELL is, and how your kid wants one. Then near the end of the ad the guy is preaching to the kids to convince their parents they need to get a new DELL computer. Ew.

Now obviously DELL isn’t the only culprit in this world of advertising; however, it has caused an incredible amount of ignorance in the world of retail computers. Having worked in a retail computer outlet for a while, I have first hand experience. People don’t care what is inside the computer; they care about the color of the box and the name on it. I’m sorry people, but computer shopping isn’t like car shopping. You’re not going to be trying to pull out the engine of your brand new ford and putting in an airplane engine in the future. This may be a harsh comparison, however when you upgrade your computer in a year or two this is exactly the type of thing you would need to do.

Reasons why brand name computers are a bad idea:

  • Proprietary hardware (ie: Compaq upgrades need Compaq parts)
  • Really wack software (you lose tones of hard drive space)
  • Proprietary cases (wanna add a new DVD-RW? Hah, maybe you can drill out the top of that tiny case there buddy)
  • No idea what kinda hardware is inside (you just don’t know)
  • Support sucks (Sure, I like waiting on the phone for 3 hours at a time)

When you start to dwell in the world of custom made computers it’s a complete different ball game. It’s like buying a Rolex as to a Timex; sure the Timex gets the job done but wouldn’t you enjoy a nice new Rolex for around the same price? Sounds impossible, but damn straight, it isn’t in the computer world. If you deal with a small computer store or a consultant, I’ll guarantee you’ll not only get a better computer, but better service as well.

Things to look for when making a custom computer:

  • Upgradeable motherboard, don’t buy something that is maxed out right after you purchase it
  • A large enough Power Supply, ie: 300W or more. If you are going to run 4 or more CD or HD’s you maybe want more 400W+
  • Get high quality ram
  • Never buy the fastest or best thing out, that’s just burning cash for nothing
  • Get a good monitor (you’ll thank yourself in the future)

That covers the basics of getting yourself a custom made computer. If you have no idea what in the world I’m talking about, then talk to someone that knows about this stuff before going shopping.

I’d like to conclude this rambling article, by saying brand computers aren’t really bad per say; however, I just don’t freaking like them one bit. If you get one great, I’m sure you will enjoy it. Personally I’d never touch one with a ten foot poll.

  • Friends don’t let friends buy brand name computers
  • by David Gluzman
  • Published on February 1st, 2002

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