by Wartank

I am sick and bloody tired of people who accuse shows like The Man Show and Ed the Sock of being disgusting and DISRESPECTFUL of women. That playboy OBJECTIFIES them. Bullshit. I’m not even posturing (very much here) — I am honestly offended when a girl walks in when I’m watching Ed the Sock, utters a derogatory, misinformed, and guttural “huh”, and walks out.

Of course, its jealousy. A common opinion of the average red-blooded macho man is that most women object because they don’t look as good, or they’re not as sexy as the women they see in the media. I think that’s partially true. Really, it applies to all women, because let’s face it, even the truly, purely, beautiful inside-and-out women in this world think their ass is too fat unless its an another woman on TV (or course, sometimes it appears even fatter).

But all that aside, i still don’t see the problem. I get accused of raising my own expectations, and even of reducing women to their physical characteristics. Because of a singular, innocent activity I enjoy, I am implicated in suppressing an entire gender. Fuck you for pigeonholing me.

I watch professional sports on TV and am entertained, but I can be more intensely appreciative of my own abilities. I use someone else’s $8000 computer and am impressed, but I derive more satisfaction from my own possessions. I see an alcoholic beverage with a fascinating color, but gain far more refreshment from a cold glass of apple juice.

One’s personal experiences are far more REAL.
One’s personal relationships are far more VALUABLE.
One’s personal appreciation of something on a subsidiary level doesn’t mean they lose sight of what is TRUE.

This leads me to OBJECTIFICATION. Which do you think came first, Playboy magazine, or man’s desire to see attractive women in their undies? Don’t tell me that appreciating a woman’s looks means that I am forgetting and forgoing all the other aspects that makes her female. Y’know, fine, she might be a “whore” or “not all that”, but last time i checked, she’s still a long way from meeting my mom.

In the same vein are all those harpies who claim that some women are on TV and in movies purely because of their looks, while their acting sucks. While I admit that this is the case sometimes, let’s not forget that part of their role and success as an ACTRESS involves physical presentation. Yes, that means physical embodiment of the role, of nuances of behavior and movement, but it also involves charisma!, raw physical appeal!, and sometimes big boobs! These are as much TALENTS and ABILITIES as anything else. Some people are born with it, and if they are able to capitalize on their god-given gifts, then all the power to them. There’s far more to CHARISMA than good looks, and you can substitute BEING SEXY or ATTRACTIVE or APPEALING or PLEASANT, etc., into that phrase as well.

There is certainly something to be said for feminism and equal opportunity, but when the attitudes of affirmative action encroach upon my personal values and judgements, it has gone too far. I would mention hypocrisy, but that’s a whale of a subject for another day. For now, be happy with what you are, accept how others are, and drop the jealous act.

Give men a break.

  • Sexthis
  • by Wartank
  • Published on September 1st, 2001

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