R4NT Radio April 2009

by David Gluzman

R4NT Radio April 2009 what’s that in the air edition, featuring: Yppah, Recloose, Clyde, Sepalot, Black Spade, Two Fingers, Shuttle, Quite Nyce & Radar Ellis, and Wigald Boning.

Albums featured:

Artist: Yppah

Album: They Know What Ghosts Know

Track: Gumball Machine Weekend

Artist: Recloose

Album: Perfect Timing

Track: Catch a Leaf (Feat. Rachel Frasier)

Artist: Clyde

Album: Hyper Reality

Track: Roll of the Beast

Artist: Various

Album: Freshly Composted Vol.3

Track: Sepalot – Go Get it (Featuring Ladi6)

Artist: Black Spade vs Kalbata vs Dj Hysteria

Album: Red Bull Music Academy – Seattle 2005

Track: Left & Right

Artist: Two Fingers

Album: Two Fingers

Track: Straw Men feat. Sway

Artist: Shuttle

Album: Tunnel

Track: Rotton Guts feat. Cadence Weapon

Artist: Quite Nyce & Radar Ellis

Album: Champs Vs. The League

Track: The Spirit

Artist: Wigald Boning

Album: Jet-Set-Jazz

Track: Lost In London

  • R4NT Radio April 2009
  • by David Gluzman
  • Published on April 28th, 2009
Two Fingers by khomatech.com

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